(2023) How to Online Registration Baybay City QR Code

The pandemic period is a time when we need to survive to survive. There are many ways to survive and minimize the spread of the virus. One of the cities that do this is the city of Baybay.

One way that is quite helpful during the pandemic is the creation of a QR code that can be used for various things to suppress the spread of Covid 19.

Here we will explain various things related to the Baybay city QR code. Let’s see the following article!

What is Baybay City Pass?

The Baybay city pass or commonly referred to as the BC pass is a unique city QR code, while the purpose of this BC pass is to carry out direct contact tracing and be used for various things.

By using BC Pass, we will minimize direct contact.

What Does It Take To Get A Baybay City Pass QR Code?

For buses to get the BC pass, and Baybay city QR code, we need to register first.

The way to register is quite easy, we just need to follow the instructions, after the registration has been successful, we will get a QR code from the bc pass that we can use to do various things.

How To Register Online For A QR Code In Baybay City?

To be able to get a QR code we need to register first. The way to register is quite easy, namely:

Step 1

BC Pass Portal Website

The first step is to open and visit the official website of BC Pass

Step 2

Successfully Logging

The second step after successfully logging in, the next step is to click on the get a new account button

Step 3

Complete Your Information

The third step is to start registering by filling in some of the required information in detail. Some of this information is usually your name, address, email, cell phone number, and uploaded photo. The thing to note is that we need to enter the domicile address where we live now if we are not from Bayad but nearby Bayad center.

Step 4

Agree with Data Terms

The next step is to click generate to be able to get a QR code and wait a few moments for the QR code to appear

Step 5

Baybay QR Code

The next step after the QR has appeared is that we can save the copy by downloading the QR code first.

How To Apply For A QR Entry Code In Businesses, Offices, And Other Establishments?

The existence of a bc pass in Baybay makes all things in the city such as businesses, checkpoints, offices, and companies both private and state-owned required to apply for and use the bc pass to do various things.

Where to be able to apply for a BC Pass QR code we need to install a device or scanner at all points, both entry, and exit points.

Where is Baybay City Pass QR Code Used?

The QR code for this bc pass is used in all fields.

This is because the government has given orders to all residents to be able to apply and use the Baybay QR code to do various things related to transactions, attendance, and several other things that can be done using the QR code.


How do I get a QR code for Baybay City?

To be able to get a QR code from the city of Baybay, we need to register first. Registration can be done very easily online so you don’t have to bother going to the office to get the QR code.

How do I get into Baybay Leyte?

To get into Baybay Leyte Philippines, we can use various vehicles. Can use buses, taxis, and various other public transportation.
Currently, access to Baybay is quite easy so anyone can visit this city anytime and from anywhere. In addition, access to enter the city is quite easy because of the help of various modern machines such as QR codes for vehicle payments and so on.

How to make Baybay city QR code

To be able to create a Baybay City QR code, we need to register first. As for how to register as described above. After registration is complete, we will get a QR code, to make it easier we can print the QR code and laminate it.
But before printing it we first need to download it. The printout is very useful later for us to be able to enter various public places and carry out various transactions easily.

Where is Baybay Leyte located

Baybay is one of the cities in the Philippines, Baybay or known as Bandar Baybay is in the Leyte region. Baybay is one of the cities with a large population of around 120,192 people. As one of the largest cities in the Philippines Baybay has been equipped with various facilities and adequate facilities.
The various public facilities such as education, health, and welfare of the citizens are already quite high, so it is not surprising that Baybay has used a lot of modern digital products such as the use of QR codes in every line of life.

That’s some information that we can convey related to various things at Baybay as well as several ways that can be used to be able to get a Baybay QR code which is very useful for us making things easier for us.

Hopefully, this article can be useful for readers, especially for Baybay residents who want to know how to get the Baybay city QR code easily online. Good luck getting it!


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