(2023) How to Register and Get Calbayog City QR Code

Since 15 May 2021, all individuals in Calbayog City, including residents or non-residents, must have their QR Code Calbayog City.

The Calbayog city local government has obligated all establishments to use the QR (quick response) code system of the city.

If individuals don’t have the QR Code, they can’t enter the establishment of Calbayog City.

What is Calbayog City QR Code?

Calbayog City QR Code is the contact tracing system to monitor COVID-19 disease. This system is a Norwest Samar State University research program.

Individuals, residents, non-residents, and tourists can do safe Calbayog QR Code registration via the Calbayog ARC portal called CalbayogArc.ph.

What is Needed (Requirements) to Get a Calbayog City QR Code?

You can do the registration at Calbayog ARC first to get the QR Code. You must have a stable internet connection to access http://www.calbayogarc.ph/, it simply accesses on your mobile phone or laptop.

You must also have an active phone number and valid email address because the QR and verification code will be sent to your email.

If you’re a resident, get your Barangay household number by asking for it in your Barangay for the registration process.

How to Register a Calbayog City QR Code?

To receive a QR Code, you must register in the Calbayog QR Code link http://www.calbayogarc.ph/. Here are the steps that you can follow to register.

Step 1: Go to http://www.calbayogarc.ph/

CalbayogARC Portal Website

To get a Calbayog QR Code, you must register first and access http://www.calbayogarc.ph/ via mobile phone or laptop.

Make sure that you have a stable internet connection while doing registration.

If you are a resident of Calbayog City, don’t forget to ask for the Barangay house number depending on the location where you live, you can ask that in Barangay Office.

When you fill out the registration form, online registration will need your Barangay house number.

Step 2: Choose “Register”

Select Register

When you are at the website, choose “Register” to start registration. You must checklist a box beside Calbayog ARC’s privacy policy, then click the “I Agree” button to permit Calbayog ARC to record, collect, update, organize, retrieve your data and modify.

Step 3: Answer the question if you are non-resident or a resident

Anwer the Question

The next step is you will need to provide the answer if you are from Calbayog City or not as part of online registration.

Choose “Yes” if you are truly a resident of Calbayog City. Choose “No” if you are from another city outside Calbayog.

Step 4: Fill out the form registration

Fill Out Registration Form

On the next page is the form registration Calbayog City QR Code.

It will ask you to fill out your personal information such as complete name, gender, mobile number, email address, date of birth, complete address, and household number (if you’re a resident).

Review that your information is true before you click the “Register” button. Make sure you enter active mobile number and email address.

This is important because the QR Code itself will be delivered to your email by the system.

Step 5: Receive QR Code

CalbayogARC QR Code

After finishing with the registration process, on the next page you will see a notification that have successfully done the registration.

Then the QR code and verification will be delivered to the active email address you have input in the form registration.

Finally, you can get the QR Code by downloading it and use it whenever you enter an establishment in Calbayog City.

How to Activate My Calbayog City QR Code

If you are a resident of Calbayog City, the QR Code can be activated in the Barangay.

If you are a non-resident, before an appointment in Calbayog City, you must activate your Calbayog City QR Code by visiting Facebook page of Calbayog ARC’s: CalbayogArc.ph.

They will ask for your identity upon activation of your QR Code.

Note: If your Calbayog City QR Code got lost, open your email and copy the Calbayog QR Code verification. Go to http://www.calbayogarc.ph/ and choose the option “My QR Code”.

Then, paste the verification code to continue and click the option “View QR Code”.

If you don’t know the verification code, go to the Barangay for asking it by giving them your email address.

For non-residents, you can go to Facebook page of Calbayog ARC’s: CalbayogArc.ph to request the verification code by chatting with them via messenger.


How do I activate a QR code on Calbayog City?

You can go to your Barangay to activate the QR Code. If you’re non-Calbayog, go to Facebook page: CalbayogArc.ph to activate the QR Code.

How do I know if my QR code is working?

You can go to http://www.calbayogarc.ph/ and click the “Check QR Status” button. On the next page, you must enter your QR Code into the box and then click the “Check QR Status” green button. Or you can check it by scanning the QR Code at Calbayog QR Code scanner.

What are the requirements of a QR code?

You must have an activated mobile number and accessible email address because the QR and verification code is sent to your email. If you’re a resident of Calbayog City, you must have a Barangay household number.

Can I manually enter the QR code?

No. You must use the QR Code that was sent to your email. If it is lost, you can get it again by asking your Barangay for residents, or chatting on Calbayog ARC’s Facebook page through messenger.
To own your Calbayog City QR Code easily, you just simply access the Calbayog ARC’s web portal. Residents or non-residents obliged to register by following step by step. Because you need to present a QR Code whenever you enter the establishments of Calbayog City, if you don’t have it, you will be denied entry.


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