(2023) How to Register and Generate Davao Del Sur QR Code

CCTS Davao del Sur QR code registration link, and download its app.

Make sure to download and complete registration to obtain your safe Davao del Sur QR code.

Any individuals who want to travel to Davao del Sur, and want to go to its public space and government establishment, would need to obtain Davao del Sur QR code.

It is used as the contact tracing system of Covid-19, established by the local government of the Davao Del Sur provinces, and it is the process of digital Covid-19 protection and prevention.

In September 2020, Digos Davao del Sur QR code was established. It is the official digital contact tracing system, established through the executive government order number 43, series 2020.

Residents, non-residents, as well as business owners need to register on the CCTS portal and generate the QR card code to enter any establishment and any other province’s territorial jurisdiction. 

What is Davao Del Sur QR Code?

It is a digital, machine-unique readable code that is generated after you have completed the registration.

The QR code can be used to enter government establishments, as well as some public spaces requiring QR code entry. Some airports, stations, and Seaports would also require a QR code to make entry or exit. 

Once you have the QR code or physical CCTS card, any individuals would need to present it to the QR scanner when entering the establishment.

Right after the scanning of QR code completed, then the computer database would be updated, and it will record information there, including who you have close contact with, who you entered with, time and date of your entry. 

Where to Download or Generate Davao Del Sur QR Code?

To get your Generated Davao del Sur individual QR code, you would need to go to its official web portal here.

Here click on the link provided below to go to the official web portal to register, and log in with the Davao del Sur QR code.

You will need to complete your registration form by providing necessary personal information such as full name, date of birth, gender, valid email, and phone number. 

What is Needed (Requirements) to Get a Davao Del Sur QR Code?

After clicking on the Davao del Sur QR code link, you would need to complete the online registration on the website.

The registration can be done 100% online without any additional fees, so it is completely free for any residents, non-residents, and business owners.

However, you would need to provide documents, as well as some necessary information such as:

  • Valid Filipino ID, and credentials
  • Photos to be uploaded to your ID
  • For foreigners, passport, visa, and working permit
  • For business owners, you would need to also bring your business permit. 

How to Register Davao Del Sur QR Code?

To register on the Davao Del Sure CCTS QR code, you can use the link provided below here. Here are steps on how to register for the QR code Digos city Davao del Sur.

Step 1

Go to the link for the official web portal, navigate to the menu, and choose “register”.

Step 2

In the registration, there is a menu for citizens and establishments, for individual registration, choose Citizen. 

Step 3

Complete the form of registration, make sure to provide the correct information, such as your full name, gender, address, province, and Barangay, and fill in with a valid or active mobile phone number and email address.

Step 4

Click on submit the form, agree on the terms and conditions, then submit. Wait for a while when your QR code is generated, and then you can download it for yourself.

You can keep the downloaded QR code in your Phone, or screenshot it to use it anytime you wish. 

Where is The Davao Del Sur QR Code used and works?

The QR code can be used in a variety of places from public spaces, to government establishments, or any business establishment within the territory of Davao del Sur.

Any places that provide Davao del Sur QR scanners would need to be scanned with the QR code to gain a permit to enter. Some places have stricter rules, such as no QR code, and no entry without the Davao del Sur QR code application.

How Does DS-CCTS help With Contact Tracing?

The DS CCTS could help with Covid-19 contact tracing by obtaining, and collecting information on many establishments and public spaces, collecting information such as who you have close contact with, who you meet under the same building, and whether is there any prior close contact with the Covid-1 case.

It is designed specifically as contact tracing, to help further prevent the spread of Covid-19. 


Is Davao City and Davao del Sur the same?

It is the same, and the QR code can be used for each of them after Davao del Sur QR code register is complete. 

What region number is Davao del Sur?

Region IX of the Philippines.

What is the capital of Davao del Sur?

Digos city, located in Davao del Sur, was founded on May 8, 1967.

How many provinces are there in Davao del Sur?

The Davao del Sur is the IX region of the Philippines, and it is located on the SouthEastern side of Mindanao island. It has five provinces in its region, Davao del Norte, Davao de Oro, Davao Oriental, Davao del Sur, and Davao occidental. Each of the Davao regions can use the same Davao del Sur QR code for online application registration, and its QR code. 


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