(2023) How to Send Money From GCash to Palawan Express Pera Padala

Whether it is to send out money, receive money, or use money remittance services, you can always use the GCash from Palawan Express Pera Padala services to transfer your money, and send it via GCash, to receive it in full cash as soon as possible.

It is a quick, fast, and reliable money transfer and remittance service spread out all across the Philippines with cash in Palawan to GCash.

You can cash out, transfer, and use it in the money remittance services once you have received your money.

To do this, the first recipient needs to have an account for the GCash services to receive funds from the sender.

You can register it online using the app, as you can download it online via Playstore or Appstore. 

How to Register and Use GCash

If this is your first time using money remittance, and online money transfer services, the GCash might sound heavy, and complicated at first.

To start, you will need to complete GCash registration, and you can complete it online in the application. You may also go to a near Palawan pawnshop to register it offline. 

To complete your registration, here are steps on how you submit your registration for the GCash account.

  • Register for GCash online, you can register via a web browser using this link, or you can register via the application.
  • Enter your valid phone number
  • Input the authentication code you will receive via mobile phone text
  • Fill out any requested necessary information, such as full name, date of birth, address, and valid email address. 
  • Click on submit button, then create your mobile PIN, this will serve as your password whenever you are transferring or making a transaction here. 
  • Click on the agreement of the terms, and click on submit.
  • Proceed to log in, now you have registered, and activate your account. 

How to Verify your GCash Account

You may receive a verification email of your GCash account at your email address. Go to your email address, and click on the email from GCash.

Open the link provided there to verify your email. If you don’t receive any email, check the spam email, or you can ask for resending the verification email. 

How to Send Money from GCash to Palawan Express?

GCash offers a very easy way to safely transfer your money and receive it. You can send your money from GCash to the Palawan express to be received later.

So, if you want to send money from GCash, here are the steps you should do. 

Step 1

Gcash App

Open the GCash application on your phone, enter your Pin

Step 2

Click on the Send Money

Click on the send money. You can also make it more personalized, sending clip massage, etc. 

Step 3

Click on the Express Send

Click on the express send and choose the desired amount of money 

Step 4

Click on the Next

Review your transaction, if you are fine and all set, then click on the confirm. Now, the receiver should be able to cash out the GCash in the Palawan service. 

How to Cash Out GCash in Palawan

After the sender completed the transaction, as the receiver you can receive it in your local Palawan pawnshop express. 

Step 1

Gcash Service Form

After receiving the text from the sender, you will see the money they have sent, what you just received, the name of the sender, and then your new balance. 

Step 2

Palawan Service Center

Go to the nearest Palawan Pawnshop express service. Asked for the GCash services form, and provide all your information and the amount you have wished to cash out. 

Step 3

Valid Identifications

Present the teller with your valid identification. Wait a bit to get a massage that you have cashed out your money, and confirm with your OTP and PIN.

You will then receive the SMS confirmation, confirming you have successfully cashed out your money, alongside the cash-out fees. 

Alternative GCash Cash Out Options

Alternatively, there are some other services for the GCash cash out, whenever you need the cash on your hand. 


You can use the Coins.ph service near you as alternative cash out, as they also offer reasonable, and wide services of cash out. 

GCash Padala

It is a good alternative, and also has reasonable rates and fees. 

What are the IDs I Need to Present at Palawan?

When you are cashing out money, you will need to present a valid and official Philippines ID, such as an identity card, and a foreign passport. 


How do I transfer money from GCash to the remittance center?

You can send your money from GCash to the remittance center by transferring it online through the apps or going directly to the remittance center. Remember there are also Palawan to GCash cash out you should adhere to when cash out on the remittance center. 

How can I send money to Palawan?

You can send money to Palawan by transferring GCash to your online application. See the Palawan to the GCash transfer fee and vice versa for the transfer rate of 2023. 

Can I send money to Palawan via online?

You can send money via Palawan online through your mobile application. Remember that sending, transferring, and receiving money through the Palawan GCash application online also requires a bit of fee and charges. Refer to our table for the latest Palawan to GCash charges and their transfer rate. 

How much is the transaction fee from GCash to Palawan?

For the lowest fee transaction, the transaction fee of GCash is P2.00, while the maximum fee is P345. Refer to our table of rates and charges here for the latest 2023 Palawan to cash rate info.


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