7 Simple Step! How to Transfer GCash to Shopeepay

In this digital era, everything is very easy, one of the digital products that help us is the e-wallet, one of the most famous e-wallets in the Philippines is Gcash, where Gcash is an application that can be used to pay bills, buy goods, send or request funds anywhere and anytime, making it very easy for us to make transactions.

Here we will discuss several ways to transfer Shopeepay using Gcash. Let’s see the following article!

How to Transfer Shopee Pay Balance to GCash Account?

After knowing the meaning of Gcash and Shopee pay, then next we need to know how to transfer the Shopeepay to Gcash fee. There are several steps we need to take, including:

Step 1

Open the Shopeepay

The first step is to open the Shopeepay homepage in the Shopee application, then select the transfer option

Step 2

Gcash Option

After that, click on the Gcash option, then select the Gcash account to transfer

Step 3

Transfer Amount

Then enter the amount you want to transfer, then click to confirm

Step 4

6-digit Pin

After confirmation is complete, the next step is to enter the 6-digit pin from our Shopeepay or Email verification

Step 5

Transfer is Successful

If the transfer is successful, a page will appear indicating the transfer process was successful

Step 6

If we experience an error when entering data, we can submit a refund.

How to Transfer Gcach Balance to Shopee Pay?

After knowing how to transfer Shopee Pay Balance to GCash Account, we also need to know how to transfer Gcach Balance to Shopee Pay. The methods we can use are:

Step 1

The first step is to open the Gcash application first

Step 2

Then click on the transfer option

Step 3

ShopeePay Option

Then select Shopeepay

Step 4

Enter Cash in

Enter the Shopeepay code that will be transferred

Step 5

Your Transfer Amount

Then enter the nominal amount to be transferred

Step 6

6-digit Pin Gcash

Then type the 6-digit pin from Gcash

Step 7

Transfer is Successful

If the transaction is successful, a notification will automatically appear indicating that the transfer has been successful

Step 8

If there is an error during the delivery, we can ask for a refund Shopeepay to Gcash, the method is also quite easy, we only need to submit the change according to the order.

As for how to refund the Shopeepay to Gcash, we only need a little time to get the money back.

Other Ways to Withdraw Money from Shopee Pay

After we find out how to transfer from Shopeepay to Gcash and from Gcash to Shopeepay, here we will also tell you about other ways to withdraw money from Shopeepay, as we know that besides being able to use Shopeepay for transactions in the Shopee application, it can also be used for transfer and withdraw money.

There are several ways to withdraw money from Shopeepay, namely:

  1. The first step is to open the Shopee homepage
  2. Then on the menu, click Shopeepay
  3. Then select the withdraw funds option
  4. Then select the bank account we want
  5. Then enter the nominal amount you want to withdraw, then click continue
  6. Then click confirm
  7. Enter the Shopeepay Pin to complete the withdrawal request
  8. Then the funds will be sent to the account and can be disbursed via the nearest ATM.


Can You Transfer Shopee Coins to GCash?

Many ask if can we transfer coins from Shopee to GCash. The answer is of course yes, we can cash out Shopee coins by exchanging Shopee coins for cash. So we can turn it into money. So much fun isn’t it?

Is there a transfer fee from Shopeepay to GCash?

The answer is that it’s free, and we don’t have to pay a transfer fee if we want to transfer Shopeepay to Gcash, making it very easy for us to save more.

How do I withdraw from Shopeepay?

The method is quite easy, we only need a bank account for transfer, by transferring money to the account, it will be easy for us to withdraw it in the form of money.

How do I convert Shopeepay to cash?

The method used to convert Shopeepay into cash is by first transferring the Shopeepay balance, either through a digital wallet or bank account. That way Shopeepay can be cashed out.

What Is Shopeepay?

Before we discuss how to transfer money or Shopeepay using Gcash, we need to know what Shopeepay is.

Shopeepay is one of the e-wallet features launched by a marketplace called Shopee. Shopeepay itself is usually used to make payments at Shopee.

However, at this time, Shopeepay can be used to make any payment, because Shopeepay can also be used to transfer money. Pretty cool right?

What Is Gcash?

After we know the meaning of Shopeepay, we also need to know the meaning of Gcash.

Gcash is a digital wallet that allows us to pay bills, send and receive money, shop online, order tickets, and many other things that can be done using our cell phones.

Why Use Gcash & Shopeepay?

Many ask why we need to use Shopeepay and Gcash. The answer is quite short and clear, namely because it is a practical digital wallet for making payments or any transactions.

Gcash itself can provide comfort to its users because by using this digital wallet we no longer need to be hot or rainy to be able to make various transactions.

Likewise with Shopeepay, with Shopeepay we can enjoy the fun of shopping for various necessities of life just by sliding our hands on our cellphones so we don’t have to walk far to be able to shop.

Those are some things that we can convey regarding the various transactions that can be done using Shopeepay and Gcash. May be useful!


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