(2022) How to Register on The Higala App and Get a QR Code?

For those who don’t know, the Higala application, or the Higala app establishment is the official government application that function as a platform for contactless transaction and is used to keep track of Covid-19 tracing, and foot traffic all in the city of Cagayan.

In the city of Cagayan de Oro, Higala is used as a one-stop tracing system used for a transaction, as well as the Covid-19 tracing system.

In this article, we will show you about Higala login, sign up, scanner, and all about it. 

What Is Higala Application?

The Higala application is an official app that is used as a permit to enter various governmental establishments, and public spaces inside the city of Cagayan, Philippines. It is also used as a digital wallet that function as a contactless transaction. 

It is mainly used to keep track of close Covid-19 contact, the data of your latest Vaccine shots, and keep track of how many people are inside the business building or office you want to visit.

To simply log in on the Higala, first, you will need to click on the link below for the gala app download free link button. 

What Is the Higala Qr Code Scanner Application?

The Higala QR code scanner app is the functions of Higala that are being used as a QR code.

It can be used in many scanners, and public spaces as a permit, and tracker for Covid-19. Often, you might encounter a building that requires a QR code to enter, and you can’t enter without one.

The application eliminates all the need for physical contact, and paper forms each time you visit any government establishment, office, business, and public space.

It is filled with much necessary information regarding your Covid shots, as well as close encounters with the active case of Covid-19. Visit the Higala app.gov.ph for more information. 

Account type and links where to register

There are two separate account types you can register on Higala, individual sign-up, and business sign-up.

For individual residents, tourists, and visitors of Cagayan de Oro city, you should click on the individual sign-up, whether you are just visiting, the residents of the city, or working in it. 

For a business owner, you should click on the business sign-up. There, you will obtain the QR code that also includes your business information, the maximum capacity of your business building, the required health protocols, etc. 

To register on Higala, you can go to the Higala app cdo registration, cdo or goes to the official link for the Cagayan de Oro city government website portal for Higala, in here Higala app cagayan de oro.gov.ph.

How do get a QR Code Registration Through Higala App?

To get the Quick Respons code (QR) from the Higala app, you need to complete the registration first.

An individual can complete the registration process online by filling out the necessary information on the form and clicking on the submit button. Follow these steps to know how you can get a QR code for the Higala app right now.

Step 1

Higala App Portal Website

Launch your browser and open the link for the Higala app portal. We have provided its link below. If you are using a PC or android, make sure to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or if you are using the recommended browser is Safari.

Step 2

Individual Register

Click on the individual sign-up (If you are a business owner who wants to register your business in the city, click on the business sign-up). Click on the “I want” button. 

Step 3

Fill Out Your Information

Finish out by entering the necessary information required, from the username and password, your full name, your address, your date of birth, and your valid email and mobile phone number.

Step 4 

Agree with Code Terms Statement

Complete the form, and click on I agree to terms and conditions before clicking on the submit button.

Step 5

Your Registration is Complete

Your registration should be completed, and you can receive some notification email on your active email, regarding the activation of your Higala account, and your Higala QR code. 

Where are the Higala App and QR Code Used?

The Higala App and its QR code can be used as a permit for government establishments, public spaces, offices, and business buildings. It can also be used as a contactless transactional, or be used as a digital wallet. It is a very convenient app to get easy access to many permits, and use. 

Alternative Link to Access Higala App Portal

Alternatively, you can go to the Higala app cdo registration for the registration on login on the Higala app, or you can also go to the Higala app cagayan de oro.gov.ph. We have provided you with the link needed to go there directly here. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Higalaay App and its QR code.

How do I register my Higalaay QR Code?

You can get your QR code after finishing registration online. You will receive your QR code in your Email, so make sure to enter a valid and active email address.

How do I install the Higala app?

You can download it for free, and install it on your device. See here for the minimum specifications your device needs to run the Higala QR code app. 

What is the purpose of the Higala app?

Its purpose is as a one-stop solution for Covid-19 tracing, as well as a digital wallet that can be used around the city of Cagayan de Oro. It is used for the tracing of the latest covid-19 patients and prevents its spread further. 

how to download the Higala app?

You can download the Higala app on the link provided below. Then register on the high app for individual or business sign-up. 






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