(2023) How to Pasaload or Share with Smart, TNT, Globe, & TM

It’s now easier to share load and electronics with Globe, TNT, TM, and Smart or Pasaload Globe to Globe. Services and load-sharing features are using the network and using the sim.

The available network requires people who want to use it to have a sim card.

What is Pasaload or Share A Load?

How to send, request? Share a load is a feature in TM and Globe with a function that matches its name.

The use of share a load will allow users to transfer or share loads or electronic credits and promos to networks that are still partnered.

This can be done by calling *143# or sending a short message on their cellphone to Globe and Prepaid TM users.

Then regarding Pasaload, it is a share-a-load service that is used for TNT and Smart users.

In the Philippines, such a feature is very common and is widely used when someone wants to share a load. To be able to use this feature, you can send a short message or by calling *123# via your cellphone.

Benefits of the Pasaload feature

For everyone who wants to use Globe and Smart as well as the share a load feature in it, then it can be done easily, it can even be used on their sister networks, such as TM and TNT.

It’s just that you have to remember that to use Pasaload or the share-a-load service, you must have an active sim from whichever service you use on your cellphone.

What Are the Requirements to Share a Load?

For those of you Smart and Globe users who want to know paano mag pasaload sa globe and share a load, then the two things you need to have are a cellphone and a load.

Make sure that you have an excess load of 1 peso or more to pay for the service charge.

How to Pasaload With Smart?

By using SMART, you can share a load with TNT users at least with P2, the trick is to enter PASALOAD (space) Smart or TNT Number (space) promo keyword and load denomination.

Pasaload TNT to Smart users get convenience with the availability of a feature called Pasaload where users only need to enter the keyword “Pasaload”, then they send it to number 808.

If you are going to do the actual sending of load then as a user you need to send the following keyword arrangement: PASALOAD ( space) 11 digits mobile number (space) promo or load denomination then send it to 808.

Pasaload Smart to Globe

Smart to Globe

According to information that is known to all, there is no feature available to be able to share a load from TNT or Smart customers to TM or Globe customers.

You can use Paymaya or GCash if you want to continue to share a load using Smart to other networks.

Paymaya and GCash accounts allow users to be able to share a load with the globe to smart pasaload or other networks that do not even have a relationship.

Pasaload Smart to Sun

Smart to Sun

Since October 2021, Smart has joined Sun Cellular, so if you want to share a load using Smart to Sun, keep using the same method.

How to Pasaload in TNT

Pasaload in TNT

TNT is a service from Smart Communication which is owned by a PLTD company. Therefore, you can use a method to Pasaload from TNT to TM, TNT to other TNT, or Smart users; this service is available on that network.

How to Pasaload PLDT

Pasaload in PLDT

Those of you who already have a PLTD account can Pasaload or share a load with Smart or Smart Prepaid users.

You need to log in to your PLTD account and enter or select the list of denomination values ‚Äč‚Äčthat are available there.

How To Pasaload TM

Pasload in TM

To be able to do this, you can see the method previously mentioned. TM is included in Globe Telecom, so the method that can be used on Globe is also possible by talk n text *123# to share a load with TM.


How is the step to share a load with TM or Globe or TNT to Globe?

For TM and Globe users, the share a load feature can be provided with very easy steps, namely simply send an AMOUNT message and send it to the recipient number or TM/Globe account owner by adding 2 two digits to the 10 digits of the user number.

How is the step to share a load with PIN?

For sharing load users who already have a PIN, then you only need to send a message as follows: AMOUNT (space) PIN number then send the message to the 10-digit destination number with 2 digits added in front of it.

How can I share the load in the Philippines?

Just input AMOUNT (space) PIN for those of you who use a PIN then send it to your destination 2 + 10 digits number. If there is no PIN, then you just need to type AMOUNT and send it to the destination number. The transaction will incur a P1 fee, but you need to pay attention to the validation.

Can I Pasaload 2 pesos?

You can Article load with 2 pesos as long as you have a sim and active provider, and the most important thing is that the balance is sufficient.

Where do I send a Pasaload?

You can send Pasaload, TM to TNT, or to all available telecommunications networks as long as you have an active sim and sufficient balance.

How can I send a globe load to the Philippines?

As previously stated, you can send a message to 808 to an active target number and also have sufficient balance.

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