(2023) How to Registration and Using Maasin City QR Code

In September 2020, the Maasin city government implemented and released its online mobile application to track Covid-19 contact tracing.

It is using the ARK portal, as it provides unique features, with the QR code for every resident, as well as tourists and non-residents in the city of Maasin. Now, here are some of the S PaSS Maasin city QR code tutorials. 

The Maasin city QR code application is used as the quick response code system that can also be used with Southern Leyte’s QR code, with the combined system called ACTS.

Any individual who wishes to enter the city’s public spaces, government establishments, and business places would require a QR code. If you are a traveler, then you will need it too, as it will be presented in terminals, stations, and port areas. 

For any residents, non-residents, and business owners who live and work in Maasin city is mandatory to have the QR code.

Many public spaces and government office has strict regulation of No Maasin city QR code login no entry. 

What is Maasin QR Code?

The Maasin city QR code is a compact, all-in-one Covid-19 tracing system established by the Maasin city LGU (Local Government Unit).

It can be used for any resident, non-resident, tourist, and business owner who wanted a permit to enter facilities like public spaces, government offices, and crowded business areas within the jurisdiction of Maasin city. 

For example, you are an individual who is traveling and passing through Maasin city. You will need to register the QR code for Maasin city, especially if you are planning on going to public spaces, and offices.

In July 2021, the Maasin city government placed strict general community quarantine status, to strictly enforce security, health, and safety measures all around the city. 

Where to Download Maasin QR Code?

To get your Maasin QR code, you would need to register online. Here, you can register online by clicking on the link provided below and finishing out the registration form completely.

You will then get your own, and usable QR code that can be used all around Maasin city.

Alternatively, you can also use the Southern Leyte QR code portal as it can be used in Maasin city as well.

If you want to use the Southern Leyte ACT QR code, then you may click on the link provided below here. 

What Are The Requirements to Get a Maasin QR Code?

Any individual who has valid Philippines official identification is eligible to obtain the Maasin QR code.

For non-residents, and tourists, you will also need to bring your passport and visa, for the overseas worker, you will need to show your working visa and business permit as well. 

Other than that, you would also need to have a stable internet connection when registering, a valid mobile phone, and email.

Make sure your email and mobile phone is active and contactable. 

How to Register to ARK Maasin City QR Code Portal

To get your QR code Maasin city Leyte registration completed, you can go to the web portal for the Maasin city QR code portal here.

The link can be accessed via mobile phone or desktop PC. Choose the register option to start fulfilling your registration form. In the meantime, here are a few steps required to finish your registration of the Maasin city QR code. 

Step 1

Maasin City Portal Website

First, go to the link provided by Maasin city, and the ARK southern Leyte web portal. It can be accessed via web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari. 

Step 2

Select Register

Click “register” option next to start your Maasin QR registration system. 

Step 3

Fill out the registration form with the correct necessary information, such as full name, address, date of birth, valid phone number, valid email, and username/password. 

Step 4 

Agree with Data Terms Statement

Wait for the registration to complete, click on the agreement on terms, then click on submit. 

Step 5

Maasin QR Code

You will then receive your QR code to be used as Maasin QR. You will receive it through your email alongside the activation notification.

Make sure to click on the activation link first, so your account will be active, and now you can log in on the Maasin QR application. 

Where is Maasin QR Code Used?

The Maasin QR is used whenever there is a Maasin city QR code scanner, in Public spaces, business offices, government establishments, etc. 


Here are some frequently asked questions to help you answer any confusion and questions you may have about Maasin QR. 

How do I register a QR Code with Maasin?

You can visit the official Maasin and Leyte web portals to register online. Here, you can click on the provided link to visit its official web portal and complete the registration there online. 

How do I find the QR Code in Maasin Leyte?

You will get your QR code for Maasin Leyte after finishing your registration. You can find it sent to your email, or through your phone number. You can click on the email, and then screenshot your QR code, or you can also download the Maasin QR code application to access your QR code at any time you wish. 

What is the QR Code of Southern Leyte?

You can find the QR code of Southern Leyte in their link, separate from the Maasin city QR code link. However, if you already registered for Southern Leyte QR, then you also can use it in Maasin city. 


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