(2023) How to Register and Using to Mandatrack App QR Code

If you are living in Mandaluyong city, either if you are a citizen of the city, or working in the city currently, then you should know that there is the Mandaluyong special QR code that lets you get a permit, and enter government establishments, and government offices.

It is called Mandatrack and it offers you easy registration and access to the government establishment. 

What is Mandatrack?

Mandatrack is the official Mandaluyong city Covid-19 tracking app. It enables both residents and non-residents that have activities around the city to pass around, and roam freely.

It has a unique response code and gives them the QR code for ease of access.

Individuals who want to enter public, or government establishment must have this Manda tracking app, be vaccinated at least twice, and has no prior close contact with Covid-19. All of this information will be displayed on the Mandatrack application.

It is the mandatory policy for many government establishments, with No Manda QR code, and no entry. 

What is Mandatrack QR Code?

The Mandatrack QR code is the Mandaluyong QR code, generated within the application of Mandatrack itself. It is a unique, readable matrix bar code that enables tracking down the tracing system for Covid-1.

It lets registered individuals be seen on their history with Covid-19 prior contact, as well as the Mandatrack vaccine history. 

What are the requirements to get Mandatrack QR Code?

If you are an individual or business owner who wants to register for the Manda QR code, then you must download the app first, and must have a device suitable to install the Mandatrack app.

Next, you need to go to the link provided by Mandatrack and ensure you have a stable internet connection. 

Individuals, working persons, business owners, a visitors to Mandaluyong city are mandatory to register in the Mandatrack app, especially if they want to enter public or government establishments. 

Where is Mandatrack QR Code Used?

The Mandatrack QR code itself can be used in several public spaces, as well as government establishments within Mandaluyong city. A certain area has a strict policy of No QR code, and no entry, which is why you need to prepare your Mandatrack login and sign up first before roaming around the city. 

How do I register for Mandatrack?

To register for the Mandatrack app and get its QR code, you will need to go to the Mandatrack Mandaluyong web portal to register, and then log in.

You will need to click on the Individual sign-up for residents, or individuals, and for business owners click on the business sign-up.

Once you have clicked on the registration page, follow all of the steps on them to finish your registration, and complete the form. 

Step 1

Mandatrack Portal Website

Launch your browser, then open the link for the official Mandatrack application. For PC and android, Google Chrome is recommended, if you are an iOS user, Safari is recommended.

Step 2

Individual Sign Up

Click on the individual sign-up if you are an individual’s citizens or tourist who want to register for a single Mandatrack. Click on the Business sign-up if you are a business owner within Mandaluyong city.

Step 3

Fill Out Your Information

Fill out the registration form, fill it with your necessary personal information. Some personal information is required from the form such as Full name, birth date, complete address, valid mobile phone number, valid and active email address, and your username and password for login purposes. 

Step 4

Agree with Data Terms Statement

Agree on the terms and consent services, then click on the submit button to finish up the form. 

Step 5

Your QR Code is Ready

Check on your email, you will then receive a notification upon the activation of your Mandatrack scanner and QR code. Along with it, you will get your QR code to be used in many Mandaluyong public spaces, and as a permit issue. 


Here are some frequently asked questions to help you answer any of the answers you are looking for, regarding about Mandatrack, and its use for near manila getaways and as a Mandaluyong tracing system.

What is the use of Mandatrack?

As we have mentioned before, Mandatrack is used as an all-in-one application for the Covid tracking system, as well as for permits to the many public areas including government establishments, and public spaces within the city of Mandaluyong.
Mandatrack is used to track your close contact with prior Covid-19 cases, the last vaccine shots, and how safe you are when entering government and public spaces.
It features a tracing system that let you use it as a travel permit and entry permit around Mandaluyong city. 

How do I register a QR code?

You can register your QR code after finishing registration on the Mandatrack application online. You will immediately receive your QR code once you finish your registration, and it will be sent to your email.
You need to keep your email, screenshot your QR code, or use the application to open your QR need whenever you need it. 

How does the Mandatrack QR Code Function?

The QR code function as the matrix code that contains your information regarding your closest contact with Covid-19, your last dose of Covid-19 vaccine shots, and your history of getting covid-19 or not.
The code work when you display it close to the QR scanner mandatory in many government establishments around the city, as well as some public spaces. 

Who is covered to use Mandatrack?

Any individuals living in Mandaluyong city are covered to use Mandatrack, as well as people passing to work in the city. Business owners must also apply for the Mandatrack using the Business sign-up button on the Mandatrack website.
Tourists and travelers are also permitted to register on the Mandatrack and receive the Mandatrack business number and QR code. 


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