7 of Metro Manila QR Codes That You Should Have

Due to the pandemic, several LGUs (Local Government Units) in the City of Metro Manila has launched various QR (Quick Response) Codes tracing system to control the spread of COVID-19 and many other diseases.

Some of these apps are Kyusipass, Antipolo Bantay, Pasig Pass, Mandatrack, Traze, and Trace Taguig.

Individuals, either residents or non-residents, traveling in Metro Manila must have their QR codes.

They must be presenting the Manila QR Code pass to enter the establishments located in Metro Manila.

What is Manila QR Code?

Manila QR Code is launched by various LGUs in the City of Metro Manila to trace individuals’ contact lists and places visited located in Metro Manila.

To get the QR Code, you must register by visiting the link of the Manila QR Code registration online.

What Does Manila QR Code Do?

Manila QR Code is used to trace the spread of the disease by tracking the contact lists and places visited by people. Individuals should use the QR Code in Metro Manila whenever entering establishments, offices, or other public places.

They only need to do Manila QR Code login with the app for contact tracing from their LGU because other systems are interconnected.

List of Manila QR Codes You Should Have?

The information below is a list of Manila QR Codes tracing apps that are used in Metro Manila and other LGUs alongside Metro Manila you should have, including neighboring cities and towns in Rizal Province.

To get the QR Code you choose, you need to register by accessing the Manila QR Code registration link.



Since January 2021, the LGU of Quezon City has been implementing QR Code tracing contact system called KyusiPass. It is Quezon City’s official tracking system developed by SafePass.

KyusiPass is used by travelers entering Quezon City or residents to enter establishments in the said location.

KyusiPass helps the government to identify people who visit the establishments and contact them if there is a case of health situation.

To get the QR Code, you can can do the registration at http://request.safp.as/ or download the app from the Play Store or App Store.

Antipolo Bantay COVID

Antipolo Bantay

The Antipolo Bantay COVID is Antipolo City’s official tracing app. Individuals, residents or non-residents, must use the QR Code of the Antipolo Bantay app to enter the establishment in Antipolo City.

Because Antipolo City is generated by several LGUs in Metro Manila, the Antipolo Bantay QR Code app is really helpful for visitors.

Individuals from Pasig, Mandaluyong, Valenzuela, or Taytay can still use their LGU QR Codes when visiting areas in Antipolo City.

To get the Bantay COVID QR Code, you can do the registration at antipolobantaycovid.appcase.net/

Pasig Pass

Pasig Pass

Since 17 November 2020, Pasig City has had the official tracking system known as Pasig Pass, it is used in all establishments in Pasig City.

If people want entry into an establishment, they must present the Pasig City QR Code.

Once the QR Code is scanned, their personal information will verify and it helps to trace individuals who may have contacted infected people by COVID-19.

The Pasig City QR Code can also use in Antipolo, Taytay, Mandaluyong, and Valenzuela.

To get the Pasig City QR Code, you can do the registration at https://pasigpass.pasigcity.gov.ph/.



Mandaluyong City has its official app for contact tracing called Mandatrack.

Individuals use the QR Code of Mandatrack to enter private or public places in Mandaluyong City. It helps to track the spread of COVID-19.

To get the Mandatrack QR Code, you can do the registration at the web application by accessing https://mandatrack.appcase.net/.



Since September 2020, Traze is the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) official tracing system app.

Individuals, residents or non-residents, must use the QR Code of Traze while accessing airports in the Philippines. All passengers must download and register an account to get a QR Code.

To receive the Traze QR Code, you can do the registration to get an account at the Traze app by downloading HYPERLINK “https://www.traze.ph/” \o “https://www.traze.ph/”https://www.traze.ph/, Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

Trace Taguig

Trace Taguig

Taguig City has its official contact tracing app called Trace Taguig, which helps individuals to be cautious swiftly if COVID-19 risk exists.

Residents or non-residents use the QR Code to enter private or public places in Taguig City.

In addition to contact tracing, the app “Trace Taguig” is also giving alerts, vaccine registration, announcements, health status notification and COVID-19 updates.

Getting the Trace Taguig QR Code is easy.

You must register first at traceportal.taguig.gov.ph/taguig/.

Taytay Trail

Taytay Trail

Since June 2021, Taytay use The Taytay Trail as the tracing contact system. Individuals must be presenting the QR Code upon entering the establishment in Taytay City.

This contact tracing also can use in Pasig, Mandaluyong, Antipolo, and Valenzuela.

It is easy to get the Taytay Trail QR Code, you can simply register at https://taytaytrail.appcase.net/.


Do I need a QR code in Metro Manila?

Yes, because several LGUs in Metro Manila are implementing the establishments to use the Manila covax my QR Code. Individuals must be presenting their QR Codes when entering a private or public place. It helps the government to trace the spread of COVID-19 disease.

What is a QR code and what does it do?

A quick response code or QR code is a type of barcode that can be scanned by a digital device. It gives the system some information about QR Code users, such as basic identity, places visited, and contact lists as a series of pixels in a squared-shape grid.

How do I get a travel pass in the Philippines?

You must have a Philippine mobile number, then visit https://s-pass.ph/ and register for S-Pass. After registering, log in to your account and fill out the form to obtain a travel Pass.

Do I need to print One Health Pass?

No. Instead of paper, you better use a One Health Pass personal QR Code to submit electronically before you’re allowed to board the flight.


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