(2023) How to Registration MyCabanatuan QR Code

Cabanatuan is a city located in Nueva Ecija province, Philippines. When COVID-19 disease, the Canabatuan LGU (local government unit) has had a contract tracing application called MyCabanatuan QR Code since November 2020.

This began to be widely used by the city in December 2020.

All individuals in Cabanatuan city, whether resident or non-resident, must have a QR Code before entering an establishment.

Cabanatuan city requires each individual to scan QR Code Cabanatuan Nueva Ecija to enter the establishment.

It means that all people just going or staying in Cabanatuan City must register MyCabanatuan QR Code.

It is not just to receive a QR Code, it is also used for businesses to register or renew the permits by accessing the web portal Cabanatuan QR Code.

What is MyCabanatuan QR Code?

MyCabanatuan QR Code is a Covid-19 tracker application that is used officially for digital contact tracing in Cabanatuan city.

Since December 2020, QR Code is widely used by individuals in Cabanatuan city. MyCabanatuan QR Code was developed by the Cabanatuan city LGU (local government unit).

Before entering the establishment such as malls, shops, cafes, stations, offices, and many others, all individuals must present a QR Code.

You can simply scan a QR Code to the Cabanatuan QR Code scanner.

If you have not registered yet, you can access MyCabanatuan QR Code web portal and make sure that you do Cabanatuan QR Code sign up by clicking the SIGN UP AS USER button so you can create a QR code.

You can also download MyCabanatuan QR Code application by choosing the DOWNLOAD APP button.

Where to Get MyCabanatuan QR Codes

To download the application of MyCabantuan QR Code, you must access the link https://www.cabanatuancity.gov.ph:2020/#/ and then click the DOWNLOAD APP button.

You will install the application and register to receive a QR code Cabanatuan City. But, you can also create a QR code easily through the web portal and click the SIGN UP AS USER button.

What Are The Requirements to Get a MyCabanatuan QR Code?

To register to get a MyCabanatuan QR Code, make sure that you have a stable internet connection so the registration process is not having trouble.

When you registered, do Cabanatuan QR code sign in, log in with a valid mobile number and your username.

How to Registration Online Cabanatuan QR Code?

If you want to get the Cababatuan QR Code, you must go to Cabanatuan City QR Code link.

The only valid link that you can access is https://www.cabanatuancity.gov.ph:2020/#/, you can choose between DOWNLOAD APP or SIGN UP AS USER through the web portal to register. Then, you must input a valid mobile number to start.

Here is the following steps registration process.

Step 1: Go to MyCabanatuan QR Code link.

MyCabanatuan QR Code Link

All individuals can access the Cabanatuan QR Code registration link https://www.cabanatuancity.gov.ph:2020/#/. You must click the DOWNLOAD APP button or SIGN UP AS USER button if you want to register through the web portal.

Step 2: Input your valid mobile number.

Input your Valid Mobile Number

Make sure you have a valid mobile number for the registration process. You must input the mobile number for verification, and wait until the verification process ends.

Step 3: Fill out the registration form.

Fill Out Your Information

After your valid number verification, then you must fill out the registration form. Filling out the needed information, such as:

  1. Make a password and then confirm it
  2. Complete name; first name, middle name, and last name
  3. Age
  4. Gender
  5. Barangay (for city residents)
  6. Full address (for non-residents)
  7. Nationally

Step 4: Upload the necessary documents and agree to the policies set.

Upload the Necessary Documents

After your registration form is completed, you must upload two documents. For 18 years old and above individuals, you can prove it by uploading the documents, it is a digital copy of your valid ID and a photo selfie you’re holding the ID card.

But, for 15-17 years old students, you can upload a digital copy of their school ID and a photo selfie of themselves holding a school ID card.

If the process of uploading your photos is completed, agree with the policies set by the application. To finish your registration, click SAVE USER INFORMATION button, and wait for the registration process to be approved.

Step 5: Receive the Cabanatuan QR Code.

MyCabanatuan QR Code

You have to wait 24-48 hours for the approval of your MyCabanatuan QR Code. After your registration is approved, when you’re logging in to your MyCabanatuan QR Code by using your mobile number and username, you will get your QR Code.

Screenshot the QR Code to save it on your mobile phone. You can also print it out, so you can scan the Cabanatuan QR Code when you are entering public places or traveling in Cabanatuan city.


How do you make a Cabanatuan QR Code?

You can make the Cabanatuan QR Code by logging in to the MyCabanatuan QR Code application or visiting the link https://www.cabanatuancity.gov.ph:2020/#/ then click SIGN UP AS USER. You must have a valid mobile number for the verification process while you’re doing the registration.
After your registration is approved, you will receive the Cabanatuan QR Code. So, you can present the QR Code whenever you’re entering the establishment or traveling the Cabanatuan City.

How many barangay are there in Cabanatuan City?

Cabanatuan is a component city in Nueva Ecija province, Philipines. According to the census in 2020, Cabanatuan city has a population of 327.325 people and it consist of 89 see barangays.

Who is the mayor of Cabanatuan City?

The mayor of Cabanatuan City is Myca Elizabeth R. Vergara.

It is important to keep wearing masks and physical distancing whenever you are in public places, but MyCabanatuan QR Code is also effective to minimize the semination of COVID-19 viruses.

It can be used by all individuals in Canabatuan City, either residents or non-residents.


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