(2023) How to Generated and Register Napanam QR Code

The PGLU (Provincial Government La Union) has COVID-19 tracking system which is centralized. The system uses the QR Code, it is called NAPANAM QR Code.

All individuals in La Union, resident or non-resident, must have NAPANAM QR Code, so the contact lists and places visited by users can be tracked.

Since January 2021, the NAPANAM QR Code is placed in all public and private places in La Union. People must scan a QR code when entering an establishment to monitor a movement.

NAPANAM QR Code can make the health standards in La Union stronger to respond to the pandemic by tracking the semination of COVID-19 viruses.

What is NAPANAM QR Code?

NAPANAM QR Code is a Covid-19 tracing system of the La Union Province which was developed by The Provincial Government La Union (PGLU).

As La Nuion Contact Tracer, in the provincial G2G (Government-to-Government) category of the 2021 Digital Governance Awards, NAPANAM QR Code came in second.

Since January 2021, it was widely used by all individuals in La Union when entering the establishment, such as malls, cafes, offices, and many more public places in the province. It uses a QR Code to trace an individual’s place visited and contact lists.

All individuals must have NAPANAM QR Code ID by registering to the web application and receiving their QR Code.

At least, do the registration three days before you do entry or exit the establishment in La Union with a valid QR Code.

What Are The requirements to get a NAPANAM QR Code?

All individuals must have a stable internet connection and a capable device to minimize the problem when doing registration.

The following things that you must have to register:

  • Mobile number and valid email address to verification, and
  • An active number to contact the person.

For residents, you can activate a NAPANAM QR Code Pass  ID number by sending a government-issued-id and attaching your birth date, then address it to their email [email protected] or FB messenger @napanam.elyu.

For non-residents, you must access the link https://tarana.launion.gov.ph/#/ to register a NAPANAM QR Code, and provide the documents following:

  • Profile photo,
  • Valid government-issued ID, and
  • A selfie when you’re holding the ID.

Where Can I Generate or Download A NAPANAM QR Code?

To get an individual NAPANAM QR Code activation, you must click the valid link here at https://napanam.launion.gov.ph/ and there, you have the several options of the application (tourist, non-resident, resident, etc) to do the registration.

How to Register in the NAPANAM QR Code La Union Contact Tracer

When you go to La Union, you must present a QR Code to the NAPANAM QR code scanner before entering an establishment.

But, to get the QR Code, you must register first in the web portal NAPANAM QR Code.

Here are the steps that you can follow to do registration.

Step 1: Access https://napanam.launion.gov.ph/ to register.

NAPANAM QR Code Web Portal

When you are in the NAPANAM QR Code web portal, click “Individual QR Pass” and then click the “Register” button. The page NAPANAM QR Code sign up will appear to do the registration. You only can register once and wait to verify. Make sure your personal information is true before submission.

Step 2: Choose the type of registration.

Choose the Type of Registration

You must choose the type of registration before you proceed with the registration. There are seven options you can choose by your type:

  1. Resident and currently in La Union
  2. La Union Returning Resident
  3. Non-resident with official business in La Union
  4. Non-resident with personal purposes in La Union
  5. OFW going home La Union
  6. Tourist
  7. Passing through La Union

After you did choose your type, you can proceed with NAPANAM QR Code verification to continue the registration, then you must fill out the form with your truthful information.

Step 3: Fill out the registration form.

Fill Out Your Information

The next step is to fill out the registration form of NAPANAM QR Code with your truthful information. Make sure that you check it before submission. The following information you must fill out: complete name, birth date, age, valid mobile number, full address, and contact person.

If you’re done filling out the registration form, there is an additional that you must fill out a health declaration.

Step 4: Agree with the terms and conditions, then click Submit button.

Agree with Data Terms

To complete your registration, after filling out NAPANAM QR Code health declaration and registration form, you must read and agree with the NAPANAM’s terms and conditions. If you’re done, finish the NAPANAM QR Code registration by clicking on Submit button.

Step 5: Retrieve the NAPANAM QR Code and then activate it.


If you’ve done all the steps of the registration, you will receive the QR Code Pass ID number. There will be a registration notification in your email, it takes 24-48 hours until you receive the notification. You must take note of the NAPANAM QR Code Pass ID number.

Activate your QR Code Pass ID number by sending your digital copy of your government-issued ID to [email protected]. Make sure you input the QR Code Pass ID with your birth date and phone number that match the information in the NAPANAM QR Code web portal so your QR Code can be approved.


Why should we use NAPANAM QR Code?

If you are staying or visiting La Union, you must use NAPANAM QR Code. It was like your ticket to enter or exit an establishment because all the public places in La Union are required to use this system to enable tracing all the visitors or customers.

How to activate NAPANAM QR Code?

You must register first by doing the NAPANAM QR Code registration to get a QR Code Pass ID number. Access the website https://napanam.launion.gov.ph/ and do all the steps. After you’re done, the NAPANAM QR Code Pass ID number will be sent to your email.

How to verify NAPANAM QR Code?

Verify your NAPANAM QR Code by sending a government-issued-id and attaching your birth date and mobile number, then address it to their email [email protected] or FB messenger @napanam.elyu.

How to retrieve NAPANAM QR Code?

After you’re done with all the registration steps and you will retrieve a NAPANAM QR Code Pass ID number. You must check your email notification to take note of your QR Code, it will take 24-48 hours after your registration.

People can access the website of the NAPANAM QR Code registration with ease because it is user-friendly.

You must register your NAPANAM QR Code three days before you visit the public places in La Union because the verification usually takes 24-48 hours.

NAPANAM QR Code helps to trace the semination of COVID-19 viruses by tracking individuals’ contact lists and places visited.


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