(2023) How to Track Philippine National ID Delivery Status

If you want to track your Philippine national ID, and also want to track its delivery status, then you have come to the right place.

Whether you are an Alien resident or a Filipino resident, you will need to complete all of the registration processes and be qualified for the Philippine national ID.

You check on the current status of your ID delivery using the PHLPost, or the Philippine postal corporation service. 

First, you need to complete the checking on the PhilSys steps to check on your progress of Philippine national ID on the delivery system, on the national id, and with the tracker national id status check. 

What is the Philippine National Identification System by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)?

The Philippine National ID system is used by the PSA or Philippine statistics authority to prove individual identification.

The Philippine identification system or sometimes short for PhilSys is used to provide PhillID or the national ID card. It is used by citizens of the Philippines as their ID and serves as the primary ID system required for many legal uses.

It is possible that you can use the Philippine system ID card number used on its physical ID card to be used as official evidence and hard proof for identification, used for many transactions, even when your ID card isn’t readily available at the moment using the philpost national id tracking QR code. 

How do I get a Philippine National ID?

If you want to track your status on getting Phillippine national ID, there are some steps required to make you know where exactly the process is.

You can enter your transaction number, or your transaction slip using the tracking portal provided by the government.

You can use it in the second phase of registration, and to obtain transaction slips as proof that you have completed the payment.

So, here are the following procedures to track your Philippine national ID delivery and you can do it online with a national id tracking link.

Step 1 

Keep a tab on the process of National ID delivery, you can keep a check on them using the website of the S-Pass PH monitoring service.

You can click on the link provided here to see its online tracking system.

Step 2

S-Pass Tracking Number

You need to enter your tracking number. The tracking number should be entered, and it should be identical to the transaction number.

This is also needed as proof that you have completed the transaction in the registration system. 

Step 3

S-Pass Personal Information

You can click on the “track” button to see the status of your delivery. It is also possible that your ID card is still being processed, and if that was the case, sometimes it appears as national id tracking not found on the screen. 

Step 4

S-Pass Data Terms Statement

If the national ID is not found, meaning that it is still being processed, however, if you didn’t complete the required registration, or haven’t completed the transaction process, then you should complete all of it first. 

Tracking the National ID Using PHLPost

Remember that you need to complete the transaction first before getting the transaction slip or number.

This is crucial as the transaction number can be used to track your ID delivery by using the PHLPost service.

Simply by entering your transaction number, then you can keep track of the delivery. You can check the status of delivery, and where your ID card is being held.

To check on your Philippine national ID delivery, make sure to follow these steps:

Step 1

PHLPost Transaction Number

Obtain the transaction number, you can view it on your transaction slip. This is used to track the delivery using the PHLPost.

Step 2

PHLPost Tracking Portal Website

Go to the official PHLPost link provided by the Philippine Postal services. This is a tracking service that you can check online. 

Step 3

Enter Your PHLPost Transaction Number

Enter the transaction number you have got, then click on the track button to see where your National ID is, and when it is supposed to arrive. 

Step 4

Status of Delivery

You can check on the status of delivery if you found that the status of your National ID is “Not Found” which means that your ID is either not yet delivered, or you have still an unfinished transaction on your ID. 

How to claim my Philippine National ID?

If you want to claim your PhilID, you need to prepare for transaction slip and enter your personal information.

Valid identification card for identifying your nationality, as well as the barangay certificate. 


Here are a few of the frequently asked questions to help you keep track of your Philippine ID:

How do I know if my National ID card is ready?

can I track my national id? Your National ID will be delivered to your doorstep when it is ready, or you can keep track of its with the online delivery tracking system provided by the PHLPost national id tracking QR code. 

How will I know if my National ID card is ready in the Philippines?

You can use online tracking national id card to know if your national ID card is ready in the Philippines. 

How long is the waiting time for a National ID?

According to the national id schedule, the system will take at least one or two months the completion of the National ID.

How long National ID will be delivered Philippines?

According to the PSA, you will need to wait for at least five to six months after the national ID has been completed to be delivered and ready at your doorstep, based on the Philippine statistics authority national id tracking.


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