(2022) National Police Clearance Online Registration & Requirements

For those of you who do not have ID but will apply as a civil servant, then you need to get a police clearance and get to know the national police clearance system.

What is a Police Clearance?

Police Clearance is a clearance that states whether the applicant has a bad record and it can be requested for the area of ​​residence or area of ​​work, depending on the request.

A Police License can be considered a valid ID in the Philippines, so it can be used to apply for a job, apply for a business license, own a gun, and also other things that require ID as a requirement.

National Police Clearance Requirements

The National Police Clearance System (NPCS) is centralized and efficient; however, the online ordering system is still limited to certain regional police.

The results of the examination of criminal records can be obtained from any office, and the following are some of the letters that can be issued:

Types of Police Clearance

The following are some types of Police clearance that you can apply according to the scope of clearance you need.

National Police Clearance Requirements

National Police Clearance which is equivalent to NBI Clearance requires an online appointment.

This Clearance is true to its name, which means that the police can check a person’s criminal record not only in the region but records at all regional levels in the entire Philippines.

Local Police Clearance (LPC). This Clearance does not require an online appointment and issues Clearances or records only within the municipality.

This is a commonly sought and required permission. You will probably need an NPC or LPC according to the needs of each police station.

How to Get Police Clearance Online?

You can take advantage of advances in technology that allow you to easily and efficiently arrange online appointments. Here’s how you can make an appointment online:

Step 1: Log in to the NPCS Website

NPCS Portal Website

You can enter the NPCS website or system login and start entering the Applicable Terms and Conditions section.

You can also select the desired language in the top left menu. Go to the Register menu for those of you who are new users.

Read and check the Terms and conditions that apply and select continue. When you reach the final page, you just need to continue to the next page.

Step 2: Register to create an account

Register and Create Account

Enter all your detailed data on the New Applicant Form. You need to use an active and valid address and enter your full name, date of birth, etc. In the Applicable Terms and Conditions section, you check and then proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Login to NPCS

Sign in to NPCS

Use the email address and password you used to register for the first time and go to the main page.

Step 4: Complete Application Information

Fill Out Your Information

After being able to log in, then you go to Edit Profile and complete your profile on the application form with the appropriate data. For persons with disabilities, there will be a section stating whether you are a person with a disability, and then you can proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Set a Promise

Agree with Data Terms Statement

Go to https://pnpclearance.ph/profile and select Request Permission. There are many choices of Police stations that you will choose and make transactions to get the required police Clearance. Choose the time and date that suits you and select the next menu.

Step 6: Payment Options

Payment Methods

You will be given a reference number for payment and you need to record it so you can make transactions using Land Bank as the system payment.

Step 7: Photograph and Capture of Fingerprint

Your Police Clearance

Verification will be done by taking biometric data and then a criminal record can be obtained on a PNP basis if successful, a verification process will be requested.

A police officer then verify your application and check your biometrics as well as criminal record. Then, you will be asked to go through a verification process if your application is successful.


Here are the most frequently asked questions by people:

How can I get police clearance online Philippines?

You can find it on the internet and find out the steps required. You can make an appointment at the destination police station either online or in person, according to your needs.

How much does a 2022 police clearance cost?

The application fee for the National Police Clearance application by online method requires you to pay a fee of PHP 160 (the fee for a police Clearance is PHP 150 plus a transaction fee of PHP 10).

Why police clearance is important

You need a Police Clearance to facilitate all your business that requires an ID card because its function is almost the same. So it can be said that this is very important.

Tacloban QR Code Registration Requirements?

You can use the Tacloban QR code to facilitate transactions and also input your personal data where everything is recorded and can be displayed using a QR code on the system login.

There are lots of conveniences offered so that you can get a Police Clearance for the need to get permission or access to things that are very important in fulfilling your life as well.






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