(2023) Palawan Express Pera Padala Rates and Charges

Palawan Express is a famous money transfer center and money remittance service that is very popular in the Philippines.

They have reasonable rates, great customer service, and fair fees, and they are affordable for every Filipino, there are little information about club paradise Palawan rates, and Amanpulo Palawan rates. 

Based on their official page, Palawan Express was established, as Pawn brokering, and now it has expanded its service from money transfer, and to the money remittance service industries.

They have been working in this service for more than thirty years in the Philippines, and they offer international money remittance, as well as many other services you can use. 

What is Palawan Express?

Palawan Express (Its official full name is the Palawan Pawnshop Express of the Pera Padala), is a pawnshop service, that also offers money remittance. It also offers money transfer services, all across the Philippines, and international services. 

There are more than 3.000 pawnshops in Palawan locations, spread out through the Philippines, with more than 6.000 authorized agents, as well as different rates for many regions such as el Nido Palawan rates and Palawan rates metro manila.

The lowest money remittance services rate all across the Philippines starts from P2.00, and it is the latest rate charged in 2023. You can check it online here on its official website. 

What are the Rates and Charges of Palawan Express?

Palawan Express rates have remained unchanged from 2021, as they charge rates as little as 2 Filipino pesos up until now.

Other rates, as well as fees, are sometimes changing based on where you at.

The different rates are categorized into three categories of the region: Visayas, National Capital region, and Central and North Luzon. To get more information on the latest fees, here are its complete fees. 

Visayas, South Luzon, Mindanao, Romblon Masbate, and Palawan Express Rates

Visayas, Mindanao and Palawan Express

For the Visayas region, the lowest rate for money remittance service is P2.00 with the highest rate of P345.00. It varies on its sending amount, and the rate can be seen below here with JRS Palawan rates. 

North and Central Luzon Palawan Express Rates

North and Central Luzon Palawan Express Rates

For the North and Central Luzon Palawan express rates, the lowest rate for money remittance service is P3.00, and the highest rate of P345 remains unchanged over the years. The complete list can be seen in the table below. 

National Capital Region Palawan Express Rates

National Capital Region Palawan Express Rates

For the National Capital region Palawan express rate, the lowest rate for money remittance service is P3.00, and the highest rate of money remittance is P345. You can see its complete list that can be seen on the table here. 

How to Send Money in Palawan Express?

You can go to the Palawan Express Pera Padala online website or goes to the local branch near your area. Next, if you are on an online website, goes to fill in the sender details, and then the receiver details.

Transfer on the payment system. After that, your family, friends, or the one who will receive the money could claim the money from the local Palawan services near their area. 

Make sure to prepare extra money because there are fees rate of using the Palawan Express, the fee rate depends on the money you send, and the region you are in. 

How to Receive Money Through Palawan Express Pera Padala

You will need to prepare two valid IDs, and make sure that you or your sender has sent the ID to you.

You can also use the cash-out tracking number system to claim the local Palawan office. Make sure to cite the name of your money Palawan sender, and see the exact amount you are intended to receive. 


Here are frequently asked questions that you might need to know. These are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Palawan Pawnshop money remittance rate, as well as its other quality services that you can find. 

How much is the cash-out fee in Palawan?

The standard fee in Palawan shops varied depending on the region. It has remained unchanged over the year, and in the 2023 rates, you can see in the complete table above. For the Visayas region, the lowest cast-out fee is P2.00, and for the North and Central Luzon, as well as the National capital region is P.300. 

How much is the charge for GCash cash in Palawan Express?

The charge rate for GCash services in the Palawan express is 2%, it is cashing free, at all over-the-counter outlets, with a limit of P8,000 per month. After receiving its limit, the service fee will apply every time you have done services, and use the GCash using the Palawan express. 

Does Palawan Express accept international?

The Palawan Express accepts international money transfers and remittances. It can be used to send money from abroad, or send it to your family abroad. It is easy to feature the Palawan Express of Pera Padala. You can enjoy a convenient way of receiving and sending money overseas with very few fees and rates. Make sure to refer to the table of Palawan rates for sending money overseas. 

How do I receive money from Palawan Express?

You can go to the Palawan express branch in your local area. There you need to ask the teller to know that you want to receive money. You will then receive a money form that you will need to fill up with the correct information. The money should be received directly from the teller without needing for charging over rates. 


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