(2023) How to Register and Using PasigPass QR Code

Pasig Pass, The official Pasig city government has issued a mandatory Pasig Pass that is required to have for all of the city facilities and establishments. This has been issued following No.49, issued on November 17, 2020.

This is also called as Pasig Pass Ordinance. Here, we will tell you about Pasig QR Application and registration.

What is PasigPass QR Code?

Pasig QR code is the special Pasig QR code that is given to track Covid-19. It is a contact tracking system and an integral element of Pasig health security and monitoring.

This is a web-based, and digital solution which allows any individuals to be tracked, and log in for their basic information upon the registration for Pasig QR code. 

It is a matrix bar code that was generated via the Pasig web portal. To register you would need to fill out personal information in the web portal, and then scan your information utilizing a QR scanner, or you can use the smartphone camera. 

Aside from the Pasig city code, the code can be utilized in many other regions, and cities such as Mandaluyong, Valenzuela, Taytay, and Antipolo.

The local government of these regions has banded together to combat Covid-19, and the digitalized tracking system could help prevent the spreading of covid-19. 

What Information is required a PasigPass QR Code?

According to the government, the following information is required to sign up, sign in on the Pasig QR code, and complete the registration.

You need to supply basic personal information pre-requested by the website. 

For establishments

  • Business permit number or Business ID number
  • Contact person
  • Email Address
  • Contactable Mobile number for that contact person
  • Landline number of your establishment, and password

For Individuals

  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Address (complete from house no, street, town, and Province)
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Username and Password of your Pasig Pass

Where to download or generate a PasigPass QR code?

For business owners who want to download and generate the Pasig QR code, you can do that through the Pasig Web portal, and you must go to the link provided below here.

Both the business owner and the individual can goes to that link, and register now to create your Pasig code. 

You can also use this link if you are forgetting your Password, by using the forgot password buttons.

All of the public and business establishments must register their new account, on the register section before they log in to the page. 

How do I register for PasigPass?

To register your PasigPass code, you will need to open the link into Pasig Pass official web portal. Individuals or business owners need to go directly to the link below.

Click on the respective link to get into the Philippines’ official governmental Pasig Pass portal.

For individuals, you may click on the resident’s option, and for business owners, you can click on the establishment option. 

To register for PasigPass, follow the required steps below:

  1. Open your browser and go to the official Pasigpass portal website
Pasig Pass Official Website

2. Click on the option “register new account”, for resident select individual, for business owner select business

Pasig Pass QR Code

3. Fill out your personal information in the PasigPass registration form

Register PasigPass

4. Click on the agreement with terms and agreement, then click on the submit button

Login PasigPass

5. Wait minutes, and check on your mobile phone or email for your OTP code

PasigPass OTP Code

How to recover a lost PasigPass QR Code and Account?

If you lost your Pasig Pass QR code or forgot the password on your account, you can go to the official download website, for the forgot password feature. 

To prevent you from forgetting your password, you can take note, and for the unique QR code, you can screenshot it to download it later.

You may also retrieve your information, QR code, and lost password on your registered email, and mobile number.

This is why you should fill in the mobile number and email with an active number, and contactable. 

Where is the QR Code generated from Pasig Pass used?

The Pasigpass you have got can be used in many government establishments and all of the facilities that have been covered according to the Pasig Pass ordinance.

The following facilities such as City government offices, commercial, religious, and medical establishments, establishments or offices with no more than 30 capacity persons, educational institutions, and factories.


Here are a few of the frequently asked questions compiled about the PasigPass

How to get pasig qr code?

You can get the QR code, after registering on the official PasigPass website. If you don’t get the QR code after the registration, try to update the page, as well as check your email, or mobile number that you have registered there. 

Who can sign up for the Pasig pass?

Any residents of Pasig city and business owners are legible to sign up for PasigPass. It is required pass to enter many facilities and business establishments. 

What is the purpose of the Pasig pass?

The purpose of PasigPass is to monitor and secure the Covid-19 spread. It tracks the person who is in close contact with Covid-19 in hope of tracking down and suppressing the spreading of Covid-19 in the region. It will also record how many shots of vaccine you have taken, and as a pre-requisite for entering government office and establishment. 

How can the passing pass QR Code be used for contact tracing?

It tracks your well-being, as well as the person you have been in contact with or in proximity with. It is the main purpose of the PassigPass whatsoever. 


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