(2023) How to Transfer Money from Paymaya to GCash

Paymaya Philippines is one of the most popular, and leading brands of mobile wallets used in the Philippines region. It is one of the very first, and pioneers of mobile money or digital wallet, with the former name as, “Smart Money”, it is first established as a virtual card that can be used digitally, to pay for many things, such as internet data, groceries, game tokens, Paymaya to cash transfer and many more.

The mobile digital wallet of Paymaya is completely free to use, and it can be used for various things from buying electronic and internet loads, paying bills, online shopping, and transferring money, as a mobile wallet transfer from GCash, to Coins. ph, and many more. These features have made everything else much more convenient, and easier to do. 

What is Paymaya?

As we have explained before, Paymaya is an online mobile wallet that can be used for many various uses of online financing, from buying loads, online transfers, shopping online, or use it to make contactless/cashless payment, Click here to see the latest Paymaya to GCash transfer fee 2023.

Aside from its virtual prepaid Paymaya card, the users can also get their physical Paymaya card, they can link it with their account, used it in the accepting store to pay for their groceries, etc.

Paymaya was recognized as one of the best Online Payments solutions, and it is placed in the 9th spot of the awardee for Emerging online payment, in London, UK, in 2016.

How to Use The Paymaya app?

Remember that Paymaya is completely free to use, and you can do the registration, download it for free without additional payments and receive a transfer fee from Paymaya to GCash for free. 

To use the Paymaya service, you will need to download and register on Paymaya. First, you can download it through Google Playstore for android, or AppStore for iOS phones. After that, you will need to install and register on your account.

No need for a physical form, as the registration, can be completed online 100%. As you just need to follow these easy steps on registration.

How to Register for a new Account?

Here are steps on how to register for a new account on Paymaya:

  • Download the Paymaya app, and then open it, click on the “Create Account” button.
  • Fill out the registration form (This includes first and last name, mobile phone number, password, and email address). 
  • Click on the agreement for its term and condition, and then click on the submit button.
  • You will then receive 6 digit verification code or OTP code on your mobile phone, then you will need to enter this code.
  • You have finished the registration on your Paymaya, and it is ready to be used.

Paymaya to GCash Transfer Fee

All the money you have transferred and received would have a bit of a fee as its transaction fee. The transaction fee of Paymaya as of 2023 is PHP 15.00.

If you are having trouble transferring to GCash such as Paymaya to GCash not working, then visit our troubleshooting article. 

How to Send Money to GCash Wallet from Paymaya

Sending money to a GCash wallet is very easy, but first, you would need to upgrade your Paymaya account to do that. First, you can go to your Paymaya app, and click on the bank transfer button.

Next, you would need to select GCash for its partner bank list, and then input the following information correctly: Amount of money you transfer, purpose, and recipient information.

How to Add Money to Paymaya Account?

In Paymaya, there is add money channel it can be used for debit or credit cards, and pulling some cash, transferring money from another mobile digital wallet as well.

There are many methods of adding money to your Paymaya account, as you can add it through transfer, or adding it directly through the payment services in a convenience store, here are some questions about Paymaya to GCash not received. 


Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about the Paymaya to GCash problem and so on.

How to transfer money from Paymaya to GCash without verification

There are many ways of transferring Paymaya to GCash, but you would need to have an upgraded version to transfer without verification. Refer to our guideline here on how you can get an upgraded version, as well as how to link Paymaya to GCash so you won’t have to verify it every time you do the transaction. 

Which is better Paymaya or GCash?

Both have its used, strengths, and weakness, as such, there is no better version substantially. Additionally, you can check our article regarding the Paymaya and GCash rates of a fee to compare which are more affordable for you. 

Is Paymaya Filipino owned?

Paymaya is a Philippines-based digital financial company, and it is labeled as a Financial Super app, offering wide services of online financial, bank transfers, digital wallets, capital loans, prepaid cards, virtual malls, and many more. It is owned and established by Paymaya Philippines, and it was owned by Filipinos. 

Can Paymaya be used internationally?

Yes, you can, Paymaya would send you verification in the form of OTP once you have registered a new overseas phone number, as long as you have subscribed to the Philippines; an international network of SMS services. There will be slight additional charges when Paymaya Philippine is used to transfer, and send money from abroad. 


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