PhilHealth ID Registration and Requirement for Enterprises

Philhealth, or the official Philippine health insurance corporation is the official government agency that functions as a provider for health and risk coverage issues for every Filipino citizen, including Filipino workers, and the indigent community.

It is also designed for business enterprises, either local or foreign enterprises located in the Philippines. 

Individuals and businesses could register for the mandatory basic health coverage in the Philhealth system, insurance for the employee, and their family.

In Philhealth, you will have an easy seamless corporate and business registration process, with the help of a staff that provides end-to-end assistance for registration.

What is PhilHealth ID?

The Philhealth ID is an identification card that is used for Philhealth as a valid identification personal card, and it is developed, and attached by the Department of Health, Philippines.

The agency itself was established in 1995, and it implements a sustainable, nationwide health-insurance program.

Once you are registered with the Philhealth ID, you will then be an eligible cardholder for the Health insurance program. 

To make sure you register properly with the Philhealth ID, you need to understand the ID Philhealth requirements for new members, unemployed, for pregnant and for students. 

What Are The Requirements to Get a PhilHealth ID?

First, you have to become a registered member to be legible for the Philhealth ID. You will then receive the number and car.

You would also need to complete the following documents to submit to the Philhealth office. This information and the document would be needed to apply for the formal, business, and enterprises sector. 

  • Livebirth certificate
  • Complete copies of the registration form, and download it online on the website.
  • Two photos, most recent, 1×1 pictures, front-facing. You will need two photos.
  • Two valid are that you can use for identification, issued by the official government of the Philippines. 

PhilHealth Benefits

There are many great benefits of having a Philhealth ID, in case of emergency needs, hospitalization, and medical needs.

Registering on Philhealth will greatly benefit your enterprises, and assuring your employees have access to healthcare, as some hospitals in the Philippines would require Philhealth requirements hospitalization.

How to Get PhilHealth ID in the Philippines

To get your PhilhealthID, then you need to complete the registration member first. You can visit its official portal here, and complete the offline registration at the local Philhealth office.

After that, you need to apply it in person. You can check a step-by-step guide about how to get Philhealth ID in the Philippines. 

Step 1

Nearest PhilHealth Office

Locate the nearest Philhealth office near your area. You would need to go directly to the office to submit your form, and register it. Make sure to also bring the required documents, and printed the official form on the website.

Make sure to also study its required info, such as Philhealth requirements for students and indigent Philhealth requirements.

Step 2

Required Documents

Submit the required documents, and registration form, as well as your photo. 

Step 3

Process Documents

Wait for the process to complete, this shouldn’t take long.

Step 4

Complete Payments

Complete the payment to receive your ID card. Now, you have completed the registration process. 

How to Register PhilHealths ID Online?

If you already have a member of Philhealths, you can complete the online registration, and see the membership information on your account.

You can also complete it online by filling out the online registration form provided by the web portal.

Step 1

PhilHealth Portal Website

Create an account on the Philhealth web portal, you can click on the link provided below to go directly to the official web portal.

Step 2

Fill Out Your Information

Fill out the online registration form on the web portal. Make sure to fill out the necessary form online. Make sure to provide your valid email, and mobile phone number. 


Here are a few of the frequently asked questions regarding the Philhealth ID, how you register it online, and some requirements for it such as maternity Philhealth requirements.

Can I get PhilHealth ID online?

You can complete the online registration form and the required email. However, you still need to go directly to the Philhealth office to complete the registration and obtain your Philhealth ID. 

How can I get PhilHealth ID?

You would need to fill out the online registration form in the web portal first. Make sure to understand, and legible for the requirements of receiving a Philhealth ID, and check on your legibility status, here are a few of the Philhealth requirements voluntary, student, working person, business, etc. 

Is PhilHealth ID a valid ID?

According to the Philippine Department of Health, Philhealth ID is required for every citizen in the Philippines who are legible to receive healthcare, such as health insurance, coverage for hospitalization, and medical expenses. For business owners and enterprises, it is mandatory to register on Philhealth to cover all of the expenses, and requirements for your employee. 

Is PhilHealth ID for free?

You can register for the Philhealth ID for free online. However, you would still need to pay a certain fee for direct registration. This is an administration fee in the Philhealth local office, and you would be required to bring also necessary documents, such as identification, birth certificate, Photos, and the online registration form.

You would also need to be legible, and pass on the requirements of receiving Philhealth, such as the Philhealth requirements for OFW, Philhealth for students, for unemployed, and many more.

Check here on the requirements, and legibility status. 


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