(Detail) PSA Online Appointment: How to Register and Use it

The PSA Online Appointment System helps individuals quickly get their civil registry documents because some PSA – Civil Registry System (CSR) offices no longer accept walk-in registry documents.

Only individuals who have scheduled on PSA Online Appointment System will be able to process their documents.

If you want to process your civil registry documents, you must set the PSA Online Appointment schedule at https://appointment.psa.gov.ph.

What is PSA Online Appointment System?

Philippine Statistic Authority’s (PSA) Online Appointment System is the appointment schedule system. People can order to apply for the registry documents, such as birth, marriage, and death certificate.

Due to the pandemic, the PSA offices no longer accept walk-in application registry documents, people must set first the appointment schedule at the PSA Online.

There are several PSA CRS outlet is available nationwide, so you can choose the nearest outlet when you set an appointment schedule at the PSA Online.

  • PSA Online Appointment Trece
  • PSA Online Appointment Lipa
  • PSA Online Appointment Cebu City
  • PSA Online Appointment Ligan City, Davao City, Tugeogarao City, Zambonga City
  • PSA Online Appointment CDO (Cagayan de Oro City)
  • PSA Online Appointment Lucena

What Are The Requirements to schedule PSA Online Appointment System?

You must have a stable internet connection to minimize errors while setting the scheduled PSA online appointment national ID. You can easily access the site using your phone or laptop. Aside website, you can also download the PSA application.

How To Schedule An Appointment With PSA Online

To set an appointment schedule at PSA online, you can simply access https://appointment.psa.gov.ph/ through any browser. Here are the steps to set schedule an appointment using the PSA Online.

Step 1: Log on to https://appointment.psa.gov.ph/.

Appointment PSA Web Portal

Through your browser, go to the link https://appointment.psa.gov.ph/ and click CRS text or image to see the next page view about Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

Then checklist the box next to “I Agree”. Click the “Next” button to continue.

Step 2: Choose the preferred PSA outlet.

Choose the Preferred PSA

As before stated, PSA CRS outlet is available nationwide in the Philippines.

You can choose the outlet nearest you. If you’re requesting civil registry documents for the first time, you can book an appointment at East Avenue, Quezon City.

After you choose, click the “Next” button.

Step 3: Filling out the required personal information.

Fill Out Your Information

On the next page, you must be completing a form. Enter your complete name, email (for OTP), and mobile number (it is optional).

After filling out the form, checklist the box that you consent to your data. Click “Next” to submit.

Step 4: Enter the OTP and select the document to be processed.

Enter the OTP

You will accept the email with 6 digit OTP after submitting the form.

Enter the OTP to verify the PSA application. On the next page, you must select the type of registry certificate that you want to process.

Step 5: Set the schedule and print out the confirmation slip.

Confirmation Slip

Finally, you must choose the date for your appointment from the available slots.

Click the “Next” button to review the details of your appointment schedule, and make sure that the details are true. Click the “Confirm” button to continue.

After that, you will receive a confirmation slip. The file may be sent to your registration email address, so you can print it out.

What Are The Documents You Can Get Through an Online Appointment?

If the appointment schedule is fixed, you can order to process your registry document.

The documents are birth certificate, marriage certificate, no marriage certificate, death certificate, or CENOMAR.

How To Get A PSA Certificate Online

If you don’t have much time to go out and process your certificate registry documents, you can order an online copy of your certificate.

  1. Go to PSAHelpline.ph
  2. Click the “Order Now” button
  3. Choose the type of certificate that you wish to be processed. Accept the terms and conditions. Click “Continue” to the next step
  4. You must select two options: “My own registry certificate” or “For Someone else”
  5. The next display is about the information that will be collected from you. Click “Continue”
  6. The next step is entering all of the information needed. Click “Continue”
  7. Review the registry certificate, and make sure the information’s correct. Choose the number of certified copies you needed, click “I Confirm”


How do I book an appointment with PSA?

Go to the website of PSA online at https://appointment.psa.gov.ph/. Choose the preferred outlet and then fill out the form. You can book an appointment schedule by selecting the date from the available slots. You will receive a confirmation slip sent to your email.

Can I walk in for PSA 2023?

Due to the pandemic, several PSA offices no longer accept walk-in applications for civil registry documents. Only people that made an appointment schedule via PSA Online will be able to process it.

Is there an online application for PSA?

Several PSA offices have implemented an appointment schedule for individuals who will process their registry documents. Individuals can book an appointment schedule with PSA Online Appointment System through the website https://appointment.psa.gov.ph/.

How can I book a Cenomar appointment online?

You may refer to see the steps about how to get a certificate PSA online above. You can select the type of document in Cenomar and then follow the next steps until the end.

The Philippines made a good move when they launched the PSA Online Appointment System to serve people who want to process their registry documents.

Individuals only need to book an appointment schedule if they want to receive better service in obtaining registry documents. If their order is accepted, they just must wait for the scheduled appointment.


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