(2023) How to Register and Get a Safe Catarman QR Code

You must ensure that you have the Safe Catarman today. The Safe Catarman QR Code application needs to be installed before you decide to enter the area or facilities in Catarman, in Northern Samar.

It may be that you will have a need or need to visit several public or private facilities in Catarman, be it for business purposes, trade, or for other quite urgent visits.

Since 2020, the municipal government of Catarman, Northern Samar has decided to officially use a contact tracing system that is integrated with public buildings or facilities there.

You must have an application to show the Catarman QR Code so that you can have access to and from a public or private facility in the Catarman government area.

What is Safe Catarman QR Code

Of course, the same as the regulations applied in other countries, you will not be allowed in and out or visit all the facilities in Catarman as long as you don’t have the Catarman QR code.

Therefore, you should know what needs to be done. Find out about how to register and get the QR code you really need there.

You will be able to find a unique QR code image that you will get after going through all the registration processes properly and correctly, and then you can use it to gain access.

Don’t forget to upload a photo of your face while facing the front or to the camera so that it can help and facilitate the identification process by the authorities when needed.

Make sure that the quality of the uploaded image is very clear and shows your facial features clearly and in detail, this helps you avoid suspicion.

What Is Needed (Requirements) to be Able to a Safe Catarman QR Code?

Some of the requirements that you must meet if you want to have access to create a QR code and be able to visit Catarman freely are that you must have a Gmail account that you will use for the sign-up process.

Of course, you will need adequate internet access, a cell phone, or the like with adapted technology.

Many give tips that you should save the QR code by screenshot or print it, and then laminate it so that the paper is not easily damaged and you can save it to carry anywhere and be ready when needed.

How to Register Online a Safe Catarman QR Code?

The trick is very easy, that is, you just open the Catarman website through the browser installed on your cell phone or computer.

Step 1

Safe Catarman Portal Website

The website can be found using the help of a search engine, and then you can carry out the online registration process by following the instructions listed on the web page you are viewing.

The steps listed there are quite clear and will make it very easy for you. You don’t even need to look at the guide all the time just read carefully.

Step 2

Fill Out Your Information

Then, the last thing is to find a registration form and complete it with all the information needed. There is some basic information that you need to fill in, such as full name, address, active and valid phone number, and so on.

You can definitely understand it easily, so make sure you look at the instructions in detail so you don’t get the contents wrong.

Step 3

Safe Catarman QR Code

After you have completed filling out valid data in full using your browser, then you will get a Safe Catarman QR code that you can use on the Safe Catarman app.

This is what will be very useful for you; you must already know the tips for storing this QR code so that you can use it practically and quickly when requested by the authorities.

How Does the Safe Catarman QR Code Work?

Just like the other QR Code application, the Safe Catarman app must also contain your individual data as well as the building or facilities that have been registered under the auspices of the Catarman LGU or jurisdiction.

QR codes can be scanned and it saves all individual data. Individuals will be contacted by the LGU if they are at risk of being exposed to the COVID-19 virus and will receive immediate treatment.

In other words, it’s like an emergency response service that can send information or your health status very quickly.

If you are in a bad condition and you don’t have anyone to help you as quickly as possible, then with the help of this service your life can feel a little safer.


Here are the most asked questions. This is also probably the thing you asked a lot the first time you used this feature:

What to do if my Safe Catarman QR Code is lost?

If you experience problems with your Catarman QR code missing, you can visit the nearest government office and ask them to help you return it. You can also report and ask for help online by visiting the Safe Catarman link, social media, or their official website www.facebook.com/safecatarman or www.facebook.com/catcovid19response. You can also ask Barangay for help.

Can I generate a QR code for any website?

You can find that the way to get the Catarman QR code is very easy and only requires a few conditions and methods that are common and many people know. When you experience confusion in registering, you will also be assisted and directed to a help website that is easy to access as long as you have a good internet network and adequate devices. You shouldn’t feel burdened with this provision because it’s easy and has a noble purpose; this is for everyone’s safety.


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