(2023) Seaman’s Book Requirement, Application, and Renewal in the Philippines

Becoming a seafarer currently has slightly more requirements and was updated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which required the addition of the required documents as a requirement.

Seeing this, MARINA is trying to move forward by implementing an online service integration process for Seaman’s book appointment that will help and facilitate the process of extending or creating a new safe book that will be carried out by seafarers.

What is Seaman Book?

Previously, this document was officially known as the Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book (SIRB).

Until it was later upgraded by MARINA or the Maritime Industry Authority which made the book into two parts, the first being the Seafarer’s Identity Document or SID and also the Seafarer’s Record Book or SRB since 2019.

Who Must Get a Seafarer Identity Document (SID) and Seafarer Record Book (SRB)?

According to MARINA or Maritime Industry Authority through a statement, they issued in February 2023, namely regarding the requirements for Seaman’s book, rules, and regulations that apply in issuing Seafarer’s Identity Document or SID and Seafarer’s Record Book or SRB with the following conditions:

List of Seaman’s Book Requirements

  1. For seafarers who already hold or have a valid Seafarer’s Identification Record Book or SIRB, it is not necessary to submit an application for making a Seafarer’s Identity Document because the existence of a SIRB is sufficient as an identification document for seafarers in the Philippines.
  2. Seafarer’s Identity Document and also Seafarer’s Record Book will be given to seafarers who register together, and it can only be done after the validity period of their current SIRB has expired.
  3. The application for SID ownership is not mandatory and optional as long as the valid SIRB is owned by the seafarer. However, it should be noted that the application for SID and SRB must be made 6 months before the expiration of their SIRB, therefore it is very important to not forget to register and get the Seaman’s book number sample.
  4. Seafarers who are in transit or in condition at sea in Philippine water do not have to have a SID.

How to Get a Seaman’s Book in the Philippines Using MISMO

Create your MISMO Account

Step 1

Go to https://online-appointment.marina.gov.ph/ via your browser.

Step 2

Enter using SCS if you already have it, or you can also use SIRB data. If you are new, then choose the list menu.

Step 3

Start the step to register your new account.

Step 4

Complete the steps to fill in the required information completely and correctly. Then accept the Terms and Conditions Applicable, and select “Register”.

Step 5

Perform the verification step via email, only after that, you can start to make an online appointment.

Other Ways to Get Seafarers’ Books in the Philippines

To get the Seaman’s Book or Seafarer Identity Document / SID and also the Seafarer’s Record Book / SRB in 2023, you only need to visit the official MARINA website and enter the Online Appointment System https://sidsrb.marina.gov.ph/ to register for Seaman’s book online appointment.

Here are the steps of how to apply Seaman’s book online:

Step 1 (Marina’s Online Appointment Website)

Go to the MARINA Online Appointment System website via a browser to get Seaman’s book schedule.

Step 2

You must read the applicable terms and conditions displayed and agree to them to proceed with the process.

Step 3

You must enter your email address and full name into the form provided. Make sure that all data is filled in correctly and thoroughly because after entering the system it cannot be returned.

Step 4

Enter the 6-digit OTP code that you received via email to continue.

Step 5

Then you need to follow these steps:

a. Appointment: You will see several choices of MARINA offices in several areas, and make sure that you choose an office location that is not far from your place.

b. Transaction: You will see the transaction menu display with various categories and the amount of the fee according to Seaman’s book price. After you choose what suits your needs, then you only need to select the next menu to continue.

c. Applicant info: This is one of Seaman’s book requirements MARINA. Fill in your complete personal data. You can see what data you need to complete in the appearance of the website. d. Documents: After you are done with the above process, then you need to upload the scanned documents required for the requirements. So you need to prepare it beforehand.

e. Payment: You can choose several options to make transactions according to the bank you have.

It only takes 3 hours after all processes are completed including the biometric and document verification process until MARINA issues your SID and SRB, also the Seaman’s book number.

Where are the MARINA Offices Located?

MARINA Seaman’s book number location, located offices are Marina Central Office, POEA, SM Manila, PITX, La Union, Batangas, Legazpi, Iloilo, Cebu, Tacloban, Zamboanga, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, General Santos, and Butuan.


Here are the most common questions asked:

How much is a seaman’s book in the Philippines?

Seaman’s books in the Philippines is 1,000.00 Peso

How can I get a Seamans’s book in the Philippines?

You have to do the Seaman’s book application by visiting MARINA’s website and getting the online appointment and preparing all the documents.

How much does Seaman’s book cost?

–          New Seaman’s Book: 1,000 pesos
–          Renewal Book: 1,000 pesos (regular); 1,800 pesos (onboard)
–          Lost and damaged: 1,000 pesos
–          Unclaimed Book: 1,800 pesos

How long does it take to get a seaman’s book?

It takes about 3 hours for issuance after you have done all the processes including the biometric, photos, and document verification, and you can get the Seaman’s book id number.


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