(2023) How to Register and Get to Secure Biliran QR Code

After the pandemic hit the world really hard, people and the whole world are healing. Many aspects of life are recovering, being healthier, and a much readier community to start a new life after the pandemic.

In the Philippines, the government provides platforms to make sure their citizens are protected and easily traced.

In the Province of Biliran, the government provides an application, Secure Biliran, to trace the people and the Covid case growth there.

The application is a useful one as you will find many benefits and uses for the citizens and the people who visit the province.

Many cities make their application to make sure the citizens are protected. However, you will also use it as a requirement for entering a place, such as malls, hotels, restaurants, and public parks.

With the improvement in technology and the recovering society, a good application is valuable to provide public health.

If you are a citizen of Biliran Province or you want to visit Biliran for work or a holiday, you can download the app and register yourself.

All people in Biliran need to use the application because it will trace who is coming in and out of the city. So, you will know whether the area is high in the Covid case or not.

What is Secure Biliran QR Code? 

Secure Biliran is an application that you can use as a pass for entering the province. It is a requirement for the implementation of Modified General Community Quarantine.

The QR Code will enable you to pass to a public place where you might interact with many people.

A QR code will be scanned at the entrance of the place, making sure everyone who enters the place is healthy and will not bring any infectious disease, especially the Covid that can harm many people.

The Biliran QR code login is one of the simplest methods to enter a place.

The use of the code will help you to be traced by the government. So, if you caught the virus, you will not get any burden.

The government will easily find where a potential place with high transmission. You will also get medical assistance when you caught the virus and have them.

What Are The Requirements to Get a Secure Biliran QR Code?        

The application is a government product, meaning you need to provide valid data for the registration process.

Before you can get the naval Biliran QR code, you will need to enter your data like name, date of birth, place of birth, phone number, address, and many more.

Make sure you know what requirements they need to you will get the process done fast.

The QR code will be ready to use once you have finished inputting your data. However, it will take around 24 for the verification process.

It takes a quite long time because the officers need to check whether your inputted data is right and valid.

The application is urgent for these people:

  1. For all Biliran residents, it will be necessary to show the QR code before you travel and out of the province.
  2. Non-residents who enter Biliran. So, if you plan to visit this province, make sure you download and register it first before you explore Biliran province.
  3. Biliran Province’s establishments and offices will need to scan the QR code of the visitors, making sure everyone is in good condition to enter the venue.

Where is The Secure Biliran QR Code?   

Once you open the application, you will find many features and you can find the QR code.

This code is required for everyone who enters and leaves Biliran Province.

If you’re worried about the safety of Biliran QR code registration, then you don’t need to be worried anymore as it is safe and is recommended by many users.

You will also find many benefits when using the application. So, your use of the Biliran QR code will always be beneficial.

How to Register Secure Biliran QR Code?

If you don’t have the QR code for Secure Biliran, then you need to register first. Make sure you get the registration steps right.

QR code Biliran Province is accessible and will be good for everyone who wants to visit the province.

Step 1 

Secure Biliran Web Portal

You need to download the app and register or visit the web portal. Make sure you enter the right, valid data for the QR code Biliran online registration.

It helps you with many things for your activities in Biliran Province. So, you will be more comfortable here.

Step 2 

Valid Data

You can also get more features once you got the Biliran QR code download. The code is useful if you want to get a comfortable life.

When it comes to you to get the download, then you can find many things for it. T

Step 3

Registration Complete

Traveling to Biliran is fun. If you don’t know where is Biliran located, then you can get a tour there to experience the most fun travel in your life.


Where is Biliran province in the Philippines?     

Biliran Province is located in the formerly sub-province of Leyte. The place is the newest and the smallest province in the country, located in the Eastern Visayas region.

How to recover my Biliran QR code?     

You can contact the administrative officers to get your QR code recovered.

Who Needs a Secure Biliran QR Code? 

Everybody needs a Secure Biliran QR code if they want to enter or leave the province.

Who Can Scan My DQR Code?  

The venues and public places can scan your DQR for a pass to enter them.


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