(2023) Smart Padala Rate Table and Charges

Smart Padala is one of the largest, and most popular Philippines, money transfer, and money remittance services used all over the Philippines country and even can be used to transfer money overseas.

With more than 30.000 active outlets scattered all across the nation, it is one of the largest, and most reliable money remittance services, with a reliable Smart Padala fee.

It is launched in August of 2004, at first as SmartMoney Padala. It is now well-known for its world-first service of international cash remittance, and it was linked to the cellular phone.

For now, Smart Padala provides an accessible and reliable way of money transfer for everyone in the Philippines, it mainly focuses on Barangays and some remote villages, and it attracted million of its user. 

What is Smart Padala by Paymaya?

The Smart Padala by Pay Maya is a mobile cash remittance services brand, under the brand of Paymaya Philippines.

It offers a wide range of services, such as financial services and care, domestic and international money transfer, prepaid reloading, and also bill payment. It offers a fair Smart Padala charge and is very affordable for everyone. 

Currently, it has more than 55.000 agents nationwide, and it is considered as largest domestic money remittance service in the Philippines.

It has many reaches in remote areas, making it one of the most affordable, reliable, money transfer and remittance services for Filipinos, especially those who don’t have access to banking services. 

What are the Other Services of Smart Padala?

Aside from its core financial services of money transferring, the Padala also has many services, including mobile remittance. Here are a few of its notable financial services:

  • International Remittance claims – this is a new service from Smart Padala, this service is in partnership with Western Union, as it is very convenient for every Filipinos abroad, and expatriates. 
  • Bills payment – You now don’t need to go into the mall, or payment center, as you can use Smart Padala for bill payment. 
  • Paymaya Cashout or cash in – You can also do cash in and cash out using the mobile Smart Padala account. 
  • Load Purchase – you can make any mobile and load package purchase for your internet, and data needs. 

How to Register with Smart Padala

For faster, safer, and more reliable transactions, Smart Padala has come in with the features, but before enjoying its feature, you would need to complete the KYC process, on the registration.

This KYC is a requirement for its financial services, and to verify the identity of customers all around the Philippines. 

To undergo the KYC process, then you can do many financial features such as sending, receiving, and money remittance transactions using authorized Smart Padala agents.

You just need to simply fill transaction slip, present the agents with a valid Philippines ID, and have your photos ready. 

Upon completing the KYC process, you will get many benefits, protecting you from scams, as well as being eligible for exclusive promos, and discounts from the Smart Padala with the Paymaya to Smart Padala charge. 

Smart Padala Rates and Charges

In 2021, the Smart Padala services fee didn’t change at all, and now the fees for the Smart Padala are the same as in 2023.

If you wanted to know the lists of Smart Padala rates as well as the Paymaya to Smart Padala rates, here are the lists of the money remittance as well as the service fee. 

The lowest service fee for the Smart Padala is PHP 30 for at least PHP 1 to PHP 1.000, and the maximum service fee is PHP 1.500 if you are transferring PHP 50.000 or above.

How to Send Money Through Smart Padala

To send money through the Smart Padala services, here are some steps you need to do, such as:

Step 1

Go to the nearest local Smart Padala Agent, and then complete the transaction form or slip given to you there. You need to present your valid ID. 

Step 2

Pay the service fee, and confirm your transaction slip. 

Step 3

Double-check the information, and now sign the transaction slip to finish sending money with Smart Padala. 

How to Claim Money through Smart Padala

Now, to receive money through the Smart Padala, here are some steps you need to do:

Step 1

Go to the nearest local Smart Padala Agent, and fill out the transaction slip. Don’t forget to present your valid ID. 

Step 2

Show the confirmation text, so the agents would start processing your transaction. Sign in the slip, and you will receive the correct amount of the money you got. 

How to Purchase Load via Smart Padala

You can use the Smart Padala online application and goes to buy Load, you can buy internet data, etc. through here. As well as transferring GCash to the Smart Padala fee.

List of Valid IDs

Official Philippines ID, for foreigner passport and VISA. 


Is Smart Padala available in GCash?

Yes, the features of using GCash are available through the Smart Padala application.

Is Smart Padala still available?

It is still fully functional and operable currently in 2023. 

Is Smart Padala same as Paymaya?

Smart Padala is the mobile application and brand under Paymaya.

How do I receive money from Smart Padala?

To receive the money pasaload without charge you will need to go to the local Smart Padala branch office, and you need to ask for cash out. You will need to fill out the confirmation slip, and finish the transaction slip. 


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