(2023) How to Register and Get Southern Leyte QR Code

Southern Leyte is the name of a region in the Philippines and is one of the regions that also participate in implementing a contact tracing system to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The method used in the area is to apply the use of the QR Code and also integrate with all public facilities that are within jurisdictional boundaries or government areas or LGU Southern Leyte.

The name of this QR code Southern Leyte system is Southern Leyte ACTS which requires all residents and non-residents to have this QR code before they enter all the facilities there, including for people leaving or entering their area.

What is Southern Leyte QR Code?

Southern Leyte QR or also known as ACTS is a contact tracing system owned by a province called Southern Leyte in the Philippines.

This technology was powered by Southern Leyte State University or SLSU and developed by CCSIT, which stands for College of Computer Studies and Information Technology.

The place provides support and also the facilities used to develop this technology.

Staysafe QR code Southern Leyte with tools that have working speed, the spread of the virus can be significantly reduced.

People who are infected and make contact will immediately be traced and also receive fast treatment so that prevention efforts are really maximized.

Where to Download or Generate Southern Leyte QR Code?

You can visit the website trace.southernleyte.org.ph/signup/ then register so you can get a QR code for yourself.

Currently, with the development of technology as well as the internet and modern devices, you can easily find the website you need by just typing the keywords you are looking for. You will find many recommendations, including if you search the official website to register for the Southern Leyte QR code.

Residents from several areas included in the Southern Leyte region such as Bontoc, Anahawan, Hinundayan, Liloan, Hinunangan, Libagon, Macrohon, Limasawa, Padre Burgos, Malitbog, Pintuyan, San Francisco, San Ricardo, Saint Bernard, San Juan, Sogod, Tomas Oppus, Silago, and Maasin City must have their QR code.

If you are from a certain area, for example from Maasin City, for the Maasin Southern Leyte QR code registration, you can do it by looking for it at arksouthernleyte.com/maasin/.

What is Needed (Requirements) to Get a Southern Leyte QR Code?

If you need this QR code, then you need a good internet network and a device that can support you when you enter the official ACTS website via a browser.

Then make sure that you have a valid and active cell phone number, then a valid ID card from the government.

How to Register a Southern Leyte QR Code

The way to get a QR code is by entering the portal or official website through your laptop or cell phone and taking the steps to complete the available form then following these steps until you can do the Southern Leyte QR code login.

Step 1

You must enter the website and you will be automatically directed to the form-filling page.

For this initial step, I think it will not be difficult as long as you are patient and follow the directions properly and correctly until the process is complete.

Step 2

You must complete the form carefully and completely with valid information regarding personal data, an active and valid mobile number, and also your full address.

Don’t let yourself fill in the wrong data so that it will complicate the tracing process later, and will make it difficult for yourself.

Step 3

In the online verification step, you need to upload all the required scanned documents.

Enter your active email address so that the process can run well. For documents or IDs required for upload, you can find out about the conditions on the website.

Step 4

If the steps have been done correctly, you only need to check the terms and conditions then confirm and wait for the process to complete, and your QR Southern Leyte is available after receiving confirmation of ACCEPT or REJECT in your email.

Step 5

If within 2 days the QR code is not available, please contact the nearest LGU.

You should be more active in asking this because if you don’t solve this immediately, then you can get in trouble and you won’t get access anywhere.

Where is The Southern Leyte QR Code Used and Works?

All the processes to trace Southern Leyte QR code can be used by everyone and all LGUs or facilities in all areas included in the municipality of Southern Leyte.


Here are the common questions asked:

How do I create a QR Code on Catbalogan?

You can get a QR code for the special Catbalogan area in the same way that has been shown for the QR code for the Maasin special area. It is also the same for getting the Sogod Southern Leyte QR code link.

How do I get my Maasin QR Code?

The following is a website that you can visit for the QR code for the Maasin area: arksouthernleyte.com/maasin/.

How do I register my S pass in Maasin City?

The way you go to the website and register for the Maasin QR code, then you enter the menu to make an S-pass, and make sure when you enter Maasin you have brought a valid ID card and swab test results.

How do I get my QR Code from Tacloban?

To be able to get a Tacloban QR code, you only need to register with the required requirements on the official Safe Tacloban website.

What is the zip code of Ormoc?

The Ormoc zip code is the regional code of Ormoc which is one of the regions in Leyte.


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