(2023) How to Get SPASS Pangasinan Travel & Requirements

The Pangasinan government implements a QR code system for their jurisdiction area and also related to their LGU, where they make S Pass Pangasinan applicable to all LGUs or Local Government units to issue travel permits for each individual’s entry into the area.

In addition, the Philippine National Police was also deployed to guard the S Pass at the border checkpoint, assisted by government officials who were also on guard there.

Good and broad cooperation needs to be carried out by every element of society, especially people who have state authority and duties. This is a form of concern for national disasters and to make all levels of society feel a broadly positive impact.

Every citizen related to Pangasinan, be it people who have just returned from a trip, interested people from outside the region, people who have just returned from outside the Philippines, and non-essential travelers must have an S Pass travel permit.

If not, then there will be a “without permission then no entry” treatment.

How to Create an S-PASS Account

Regarding requirements and S Pass Pangasinan registration, you must create an S Pass account by visiting https://s-pass.ph.

After uploading all the requirements, you will be able to get a permit issued by the S Pass platform.

Why is S-PASS Used in Pangasinan?

In accordance with the regulations made by the local government, the S Pass has officially been widely adopted as a one-stop travel management service.

By administrative order, the government has appointed the head of computer services from the Management Information Service Office or MISO as the person responsible for implementing the S Pass or travel permit system.

What are the Requirements for Traveling to Pangasinan?

S Pass is a service that allows someone to register to have a Travel Coordinate Permit or TCP and a Travel Pass-Through Permit to be able to travel to Pangasinan.

There are S Pass Pangasinan requirements that must be prepared by every traveler who will visit that were made by the provincial government of Pangasinan officially.

For those of you who have undergone a complete vaccination, you can show a card showing that you are legally proven to have carried out a complete vaccination.

Although you still have to undergo an examination to ensure your health before you enter LGU there.

How to Apply for a TCP (Travel Coordination Pass) for Restricted Areas

For those of you who will enter the place where is Pangasinan located, or Filipinos who have just returned from abroad, people who have authority from outside the region, people who will travel to the Pangasinan area, or people outside government institutions must:

Step 1

Upload scans or copies of the required documents to the official S Pass website, which you can also search on the internet. Before you register, make sure that you prepare all scanned documents first.

Step 2

You also need to bring the results from the PCR swab which shows a negative result as one of the requirements that must also be met.

Step 3

Other additional rules may apply at the discretion of each jurisdiction. Each region is of course given the authority to apply regulations and requirements that adapt to the conditions of the community or the urban setting and several other considerations.

Who Needs to Apply for a Travel Coordination Permit (TCP)?

You can check some requirements for some people who need S Pass or register TCP:

  • Pangasinan residents who have just returned: They must have a valid ID issued by the government, an ID that shows that they are a native Pangasinan, then a Barangay certificate.
  • Travelers from outside the Pangasinan area: A valid government ID card, as well as proof that you are a resident of the GCQ or MGCQ area.
  • Non-Gov. APOR: A valid ID card from the government, as well as proof or assignment letter, as well as other official documents such as travel documents from companies and other proofs.
  • Tourists (residents and non-citizens): Only residents of GCQ and MGCG are allowed to travel officially. Visitors must register by visiting the Tourist Pass System or Tara Na https://pangasinan.tarana.ph/. Those from outside Pangasinan must have good and negative PCR results. There is also a need for a valid ID from the government.

Individuals Who are Exempted from Obtaining a Travel Coordination Permit

Travel that is carried out by Authorized Persons Outside residence or APORs in accordance with government regulations and local security agencies, which come from any zone, get permission to enter with S Pass Mangatarem Pangasinan, for example, people who are in critical services and also health workers and so forth.

All types of travel for authorized persons must be accompanied by all kinds of licensing documents such as related assignment letters, bookings for applications, and so on.


This is a question that many people ask;

Is S-PaSS still required for travel?

Of course, even the S Pass Pangasinan QR code is obligatory for everyone both from outside, and people who are actually in the Pangasinan area.

What is the requirement for S-PaSS?

You can find out the requirements on the website and the main thing is an official government ID. This is the easiest and most valid.

How can I get an S-PaSS travel permit?

You must enter the S Pass website, then you must complete the S Pass Pangasinan registration form and upload all the documents needed and you must wait for a response from LGU.

How long does it take for S-PaSS to be approved in the Philippines?

Because at this time this is really needed, the government will try to speed up all processes, which takes only 1 day or you can check in the S Pass Pangasinan link.


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