(2023) Here’s Everything You Need to Know About SPaSS Travel

When you are traveling around the Philippines, now there is a technology that helps you get around faster, help with your transaction, accommodation, and public transportation, as well as permit you to go into many places.

There is a swift way on doing all of this using S-PaSS. So, we are going to discuss all the S pass logins and how to register on the S pass app.

What is SPass?

First, we need to know what is exactly S-PaSS, and what is the S pass QR code itself. S-PaSS is an acronym of the Safe, Swift Smart Passage, Travelling Management System that you can use while you are in the Philippines.

It serves as your all-in-one app purpose for communication, coordination, and permit use for the local government units, designed for travelers. 

It was launched on 26 March 2021 and developed by the DOST or Department of Science, and Technology, region 6 of the Philippines.

It is an online application that is used to manage the travel of tourist, Philippines local worker, returnee, or basically, anyone who need to travel either for business or leisure around the Philippines province. 

S-PaSS Features

The S Pass Boracay application offers tourists and local citizens an all-in-one application that they can use to shop, buy a ticket, afford transportation, and manage their travel permits for every destination they chose.

Its features let you roam around the Philippines with ease.

S Pass features let you do many things, and make it very easy and convenient to travel around, especially during the pandemic times.

So, here are some features that are included in the S Pass:

  • Travel requirements for each destination
  • Updated travel restrictions and regulations
  • LGU contacts
  • Application for a travel permit, and pass

When and Where to Use SPaSS?

The S Pass could be used for many purposes, such as getting travel requirements, getting a travel permit, as well as making LGU contacts.

Typically it is used when you are going to travel somewhere in the Philippines region, in many big cities, and many islands, you will find the S pass very useful and convenient to you. 

What are the requirements for S Pass registration?

To get s pass sign up and log in, you just need to have an active mobile phone number that you used in the Philippines.

Then you will then need to fill out a username in the official S Pass website portal. You need to fill in the correct necessary information that is asked for.

Make sure to fill it out properly and detailed.

You can find many traveling permits, and requirements in S Pass, by login account on your S Pass application, you can check on the status of the “Are you traveling” buttons, answering the questions will lead you to find any travel permit and requirements you will need to travel around the country in no time. 

How do I Register for an S Pass Philippines?

Individuals and groups that wanted to manage their travel permits and accommodation need to download the S-PaSS application itself and register on it.

Click on the link below, to proceed with the online registration, and follow these simple steps to complete the registration for S-PaSS.

Step 1


Open your web browser, then go to the website of official S-PaSS Philippines. The link can be seen below, and you can click on it to go directly to the web page.

Step 2

S-Pass Tracking Number

Click on the register button to start your online registration 

Step 3

You need to enter your active mobile phone number. Make sure you have an active phone number used in the Philippines and can be contacted.

Click on the confirm button, then text. Next time when you log in, it will serve the S Pass client login the web page. 

Step 4

S-Pass Personal Information

Fill out the registration form with the necessary information. You should remember your password, as well as fill out the active email address, the email is needed to know your password if you forget about it. 

Step 5

S-Pass Data Terms Statement

Click on the required captcha box, then submit. After that, you might be required to fill out the OTP. You will need to check on your active phone number for OTP massage. This is needed to confirm your registration. 

How to Use S-PaSS?

The S Pass is designed to give the traveler a safe, swift, smart passage of coordination, and accommodation of travels when they are roaming around the Philippines, around LGU’s tourist and city destination.

Travelers can check within their S-PaSS where the destination, is and whether it is restricted to the tourist or not. If you want to use the S-PaSS, you will need to know these steps. 

Step 1

Go to the S Pass site

Step 2

Create an Account

Step 3

Apply for travel documents, and then log in to the S Pass. You can use the app for checking the status of your travel permit, and approval. 


Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about s pass link.

How long does it take for S-PaSS to be approved in the Philippines?

The admittance of S Pass can be approved quite a fast time in the Philippines, as long as you have the necessary information that is required on the online website. 

Is S-PaSS still required?

It is just an application to ease and make your travel permit much easier and faster. 

How can I get S-PaSS in the Philippines?

You can download the S pass application and then use it to know the s pass status, check the status

How long is S-PaSS approval?

The approval on the website and download is almost instantly by the government of the Philippines.


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