(2023) How to Activate and Use SPayLater in Shopee

Shopee is an online marketplace from the Philippines that provides many promos on a daily basis and also provides free shipping.

Therefore, it seems appropriate that many Filipinos and all over the world enjoy using Shopee where the price offered is also cheaper than the general price and only requires a cell phone and a good internet network.

What is SPayLater?

With the SPayLater service, with only 50,000 credits, you can apply a buy now, pay later system to buy all types of goods available on the trading platform and get to know how to pay.

SPayLater Fees, Interest Rates, and Due Dates

Shopee SPayLater allows you to make payments in the following month or by applying monthly installments for 12 months.

The convenience that you can get allows you to get the items you want even though your payday date is far behind and you have little money left.

The provision of a credit limit depends on how your habits are in carrying out shopping activities and also in completing payments assessed by Shopee.

So it’s important for you to be diligent in completing payments on time before the due date.

What is Needed (requirements) to Avail Spaylater?

The minimum limit if you want to use SPayLater is a user aged 21 years with a valid ID card.

Shopee assesses your shopping behavior, so you need to make sure that you are old enough to be able to manage all of that.

The following are the types of valid IDs that can be used for SPayLater:

  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)
  • Passport
  • Driver’s license
  • Post ID
  • PRC ID
  • National ID

How to Activate Spaylater in Shopee

You can’t just use a buy now pay later service. You need to activate the SPayLater payment in your Shopee application and put funds into your Shopeepay wallet, and here are the steps:

Step 1

Menu SPayLater

Enter the ShopeePay wallet feature which you can see on the initial screen, then you enter and can see how much your balance is worth.

Just select the “Me” menu then “SPayLater”.

You can see the Spay later activation menu and then you can immediately select activate now so you can immediately take advantage of this advantageous feature.

Step 2

Activate Now

Click the “Activate Now” menu to proceed to the next step.

You need to input the six digit verification account code sent to your email address and the activation steps can continue.

Step 3

Your Current Face

You need to upload a photograph of your current face.

You can look at the instructions carefully so you can complete the steps.

Step 4

Select ID Type

If you have finished the ID upload process, you can check whether all the data is correct.

If the uploaded ID image is still unclear, then you can also retrieve your ID image.

After that you will be asked to confirm the data storage, if it is appropriate, you can just confirm it.

Step 5

Fill Out Your Information

You need to enter additional personal data, for example, place of birth date, and so on.

You are also asked to create an emergency account or a recovery account in case you need one.

When it’s finished, you check the terms and conditions that apply and confirm if it’s appropriate, and the process is complete.

How to Use SPayLater to Buy Items on Shopee

If you have activated your SPayLater account, then in other words you can already use it to make “payments later” and how to increase SpayLater.

After you have completed all the purchase steps and only the payment steps are left, then you only need to change it to SPayLater by going to the payment options section to select the payment method you want.

How to Pay SPayLater Using GCash?

You can use the choice of payment method SPayLater to GCash only by entering the payment method you want to choose and you can see there is an option using GCash and you only need to select it.

When Should I Pay My Spaylater Bill or Installment Loan?

After that you will see several payment terms that you can choose after changing the payment method to know when to pay SPayLater, and arrange the SPayLater payment schedule:

  • Buy Now Pay Later: Pay your credit loan on the due date of the following month.
  • 3x Installments: Pay your credit loan in three monthly installments.
  • 6x Installments: Pay your credit loan in six monthly installments.
  • 12x Installment: Pay your credit loan in twelve monthly installments.

Please confirm if you have determined the method you want and please keep an eye on SPayLater interest.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay My Spaylater Bill on Time?

There is a fine or SPayLater cut off that you have to pay off 2.5% – 5% per month if you experience delays in paying your loan.

Usage and credit limits are also reduced or even get the SPayLater frozen.


Here are the common questions:

Can I withdraw SPayLater in Shopee Philippines?

You can do all the features available with SPayLater, including withdrawals, and have SPayLater to cash, anywhere including in the Philippines.

How do you qualify for SPayLater?

How to have SPayLater? You can do SPayLater as long as you have used Shopee within the specified minimum time limit.

Why is SPayLater not available when I try to pay for an item?

Only a few sellers at Shopee are selected and can use the SpayLater feature. It is currently under development and the addition of sellers.

How much can I loan from SPayLater?

Everything is managed by Shopee based on your purchase and payment records.

What is the minimum order amount with SPayLater?

You are not subject to a maximum or minimum limit as long as it is still covered in your credit, otherwise, your SPayLater rejected.


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