(2022) What is a Tacloban QR Code, and How to Apply for It?

In July, COVID-19 still experienced a significant increase in cases; therefore Tacloban City is trying to issue a system that can trace the contacts of suspected infected with the virus with people around them.

Tacloban makes a scanning system or digital platform by carrying out SCAN activities, namely Surveillance system – Tracing Contact – Analysis – Data Network, and Data Communication for COVID-19, and serves as a program for security in the city.

Health protocols implementation applied using scanning and tracing contacts with QR codes that minimize touch and contact effectively and efficiently.

Mayor Alfred Romualdez approved and gave directions for the Epidemiology Unit and also the Local Supervision of the Health Service in the City to create an institution to use the COVID-19 SCAN system on a digital basis.

The steps presented are carried out jointly with the Business Licensing Office and Management Information System Division.

What Information Is Required For a Tacloban QR Code?

All offices for the government and those who are not will be directed to use this application. In addition, industry and similar companies are also advised to install applications to scan barcodes or QR codes on their cell phones.

Also, make sure that the camera used can support the QR code scanning system for Tacloban QR code login.

For Establishments

For the establishment, the device used to scan have to be placed at the main gate of a company where at the door there is an officer who is obliged to ensure that the QR code is owned and scanned correctly and thoroughly.

People who register with the company will be scanned utilizing a QR code using a device that has been filled with data that will be used to verify the identity of each person.

It is also necessary to be able to show personal data officially issued by the government to support verification.

The scanning process will run and if there are results, the tools and software will provide information or results that indicate whether the person has access permission or is suspected to be suffering from COVID-19 symptoms.

If it turns out to be infected with the virus, it will be sent home and cannot enter.

The scan that has been carried out will record some important information from visitors, such as QR code info and also their ID number, then information on the time and date of the visit or when entering the building.

For Individuals

People who really come from the area, as well as tourists who are only visiting temporarily are able to do registration for the SCAN System from Tacloban by entering the Tacloban website and installing an application that can be obtained for free.

If the registration is successful, each user will get a unique QR code Tacloban city link to be scanned using the tools provided in each place that has participated in the Tacloban system.

How to Register Online QR Code for Tacloban City

Here are some steps to do QR code online registration for Tacloban City.

Mobile App Registration

Look for the Safe City Application at https://safecity.tacloban.gov.ph then install it on your cellphone, or you can use the QR code on the official Tacloban FB.

You need to fill in the information in detail and clearly so that you can get a unique QR code that you can use when you enter the company you are going to.

For iOS

Tacloban Mobile App

Go to the website https://safecity.tacloban.gov.ph then look for the Register Now menu, then select iOS.

Complete the Fill Out Your InformationInformation

Fill Out Your Information

You enter complete information on the form that you can get online with data including full name, complete address, and active mobile number.

Then you will pass the verification step, and you will get a code for confirmation in the short message feature. After that, you use the code when you enter the website and you will get a unique QR code.

Register at your Barangay

Here’s the step to register at your Barangay.

Step 1

Tacloban Portal Website

Go to the Barangay website that you know so that you can take steps to claim the scanned card for COVID-19 that you have and have printed.

Step 2

Complete Your Information

The people who are obliged to accept the registration process and also the process of distributing the card containing the QR code are the officially appointed personnel, the LGU from the city of Tacloban, and the official from Barangay. The goal is to avoid overprinting the card as a result of unnecessary duplication.

Step 3

Agree with Data Terms Statement

The card can only be owned by one person, so the person concerned must accept the consequences if he commits any violation. Non-indigenous persons need to register themselves at the observation post for the visitor’s border so that their activities can always be under surveillance.

Step 4

Emergency Services

Emergency services or SOS services are also available, so it’s not just for tracing contacts using a QR code service.

This application for emergency response situations is the first time it has been implemented in the Philippines. You can use it with SMS service and can contact LGU Udi Tacloban city 24 hours a week and can be used without an internet network.


Here are the most common questions asked by the user:

How do I reset my lost Tacloban QR Code?

If you encounter any problems and need information assistance, you can contact by email at [email protected] or here at Facebook.com/TaclobanSafeCity/. You can also call their team number 0909-628-6631.

How does the Tacloban Safe City app Works?

Tacloban Safe City works by scanning the QR code in Tacloban that has been registered by the user by integrating it into many companies and public places that have also been registered.

How do I download the Safe City app?

You can download the Tacloban application on the official website or Tacloban’s FB page. You can also search the internet so you can find the website.

Why QR code is important?

The QR code is very important because it will make it easier to trace the contacts of those suspected of contracting COVID-19 who are spread in various regions and are easy to use using an automatic scan tool but remain responsible.






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