(2022) How to Register Using Taytay Trail and get the QR Code

Taytay RGU in Rizal has been used since 2021. The country has been using the Taytay QR code as a solution to trace contacts in the city using Ordinance Number 705 series from 202.

All are based on directives from the government to tackle the wider spread of disease in their government area.

All private and public data is used for ordinance requirements and requires residents individually to use the Taytay Trail and generate a QR Code for them at the time of entering the premise. You can visit Taytay trail appcase net.

What is Taytay Trail?

TayTay Trail

Taytay TGU develops and implements an automated system that can trace contacts by using a code for a health monitoring system that is used without touch, is more efficient, and can identify follow-up steps for countermeasures.

Taytay Trail is an application to trace contact history developed by Taytay, Rizal as a step to overcome the increase in COVID-19 cases by using a QR Code or QR code online, and also a module that is integrated with the Taytay Monitoring system.

Users are required to register and complete data on the available website.

Once done, then everyone will get a QR code that they can save or print for proof. Their data will be entered into a monitoring system that can identify and predict boxes that may occur and also info on the Taytay trail vaccine.

What is Taytay QR Code?

TayTay Trail QR Code

It is a barcode image that has been obtained after an individual has registered to the Taytay system. This QR code also called as Taytay Trail QR Code.

The QR code then scanned through a QR scanner application that you can install on your cellphone to do Taytay trail QR code sign in.

What Are The Requirements to Get Taytay QR Code?

TayTay Trail Requirements

Taytay QR code is very important so there is an application when you don’t have a QR code, so you can’t go anywhere.

Then here’s the way you need to do to be able to register a QR code for yourself:

First, you need to go to the Taytay website to register. Then enter your full name starting with First Name, then Middle Name, then Last Name, or Surname.

Then input your place and date of birth, then enter your email address, and then you will be directed to create the desired password and username.

How To Registration Taytay Trail QR Code?

TayTay Trail Portal Website

To register for the Taytay Trail you need to go to the website taytaytrai.appcase.net and select Individual Sign-Up.

You will be taken to a page to complete the registration form until it is complete and you can immediately get your QR code or use the Taytay trail contact tracing app.

When and Why Do I Use a Taytay Trail QR Code?

When you live and work using the Taytay QR code, then you will have access to all available public facilities, where the rules have been implemented, if you don’t have a Taytay QR code then you don’t have any access anywhere.

There is personnel who will be stationed at each facility who will confirm and ask you to show that you have registered before you enter the public facility.

All tools used must also be applications code scanner, code apps, or software with Taytay trail QR code link that has been authorized for use so that they cannot be used arbitrarily.


Can I get access even if the QR Code has been created and lost?

Maybe you need to go back home and re-register and get the QR code before you go anywhere. It is because the rule is quite strict and it can cause a penalty.

What to do if I lost my Taytay QR Code?

If you lose your QR code, then you can do the following steps:
1. Enter the Taytay website that has been presented above.
2. Go to the Sign-In menu and then select Forgot Password.
3. Input the email address that you used when registering.
4. You will get a help email from Taytay.
5. You can log in to your account and change the password. Click the link sent by Taytay to replace the old password with the new password.
The steps are very easy to follow and you do not even need any help from other people.

How do I get the Taytay trail QR Code?

The way to get into Taytay is very easy; you can get a simple QR code and only need to follow the simple step that you can find while doing the registration on the website. The purpose of the QR code is to help people, so the step to get it is so easy and does not need much time until you get the QR code.

What is the best day to go to Taytay Tiangge?

You don’t need any documents to get a QR code that is connected with the approval of consortiums such as Mandaluyong, Antipolo, and Pasig. So you can visit anytime, but the weekend is the best day.

How do you get from Taytay Tiangge to Pasig Palengke?

If you already have a Taytay QR code, then you can have access anywhere, then you can have access to Taytay Tiangge and to Pasig Palengke.
It would be better if you can follow all the rules made by the government and related institutions so that we can also have broad and unlimited access. Moreover, the application is so that you do not harm others easily and cheaply. You also need to apply this method to all members of your family.

What if you lose the QR Code?

You can go to the website and look for support or helpdesk and get the solutions for your problems.






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