List of TNT Promo 2023 – Call, Text, and Internet Data

TNT stands for Talk N Text, where TNT is currently offering a prepaid promo that fits the customer’s budget, by using the TNT promo we can enjoy combined promos for calling, SMS, and internet at low and affordable prices.

We can enjoy sending messages, calling family, surfing the internet to our heart’s content, and playing online games to our heart’s content.

Here we will provide information related to what TNT is and how to register for a promo on TNT. Let’s see the following article!

What is TNT Data Promo?

TNT data promo is a promotion from Talk N Text specifically for cellular or internet data usage.

By using the promo TNT unli data, we will get unlimited internet convenience at a very affordable promo fee.

How to Register for a TNT Promo?

Anyone can get the TNT Promo easily, it’s just that we need to make sure we have enough balance to be able to register it.

The method is quite easy, just by calling *123# then we can get the promo.

In addition, we can also register it through Giga life. The ways to register are:

Step 1

The first step is to press *123# on the HP device

Step 2

The second step is that several promo options will appear, we can choose the type of promo we want to register

Step 3

The third step is to register, then click send to send it

Step 4

The next step is to click subscribe to be able to complete the registration

Step 5

Then the TNT promo has been successfully registered, and we can enjoy the various promos we want. Pretty easy isn’t it?

Surfsaya Promo List

One of the promos on TNT is Surfsaya. As for the list of the Surfsaya promo, namely:

  1. Surfsya 200 MB

This type of promo is valid for 2 days for 20 pesos. From 200 MB we will get 150 MB for social media such as IG, FB, and TikTok + 200 MB + Unlimited calls and SMS to all networks for 2 days.

To register it is by *123# then select My Surf then select the New My Surf option then choose the 2-day one, 200 MB.

  1.  My Surf 400 MB

For this promo valid for 3 days for 30 pesos, we will get 200 MB for TikTok, Fb, Ig, and Ml + 400 MB + calls and SMS to all networks free for 3 days.

The registration is the same as the previous promo.

  1. My Surf 500 MB

This promo is valid for 7 days, which consists of 100 MB of quota for social media such as TikTok, FB, and IG + 500 MB + free calls and SMS for 7 days, the registration method is the same as above, only in the last option choose 500 MB, 7 days, P49

Giga Promo List

Apart from my Surf promo, another TNT data promo list is the Giga promo. The list of GIGA promos includes:

  1. GIGA power 2GB

This promo package is only valid for 3 days where with 75 Philippine pesos will get 2 GB of power for applications and 2 GB of data to share for 3 days.

The way to register is quite easy, that is, just by pressing *123# then selecting GIGA power then clicking on the 2GB, 3 days, 75 pesos option.

  1. GIGA power 6GB

In addition to the GIGA 2GB package, next is GIGA power 6GB for 149 pesos with a validity period of 7 days, we will get 2 GIGA for applications and internet and another 7GB of data to share for 7 days.

  1. GIGA power 24GB

The next promo is GIGA power 24 GB at a price of 449p valid for 30 days, we will get 2 GB for applications and another 24 GB for shared data for one month. As well as many other promos.

TNT Unli Data Promo List

Apart from Surfsaya and GIGA power promos, there is also a TNT data unli promo, where by using this package we will enjoy the TNT data promo no expire feature. As for the TNT promo for all data and unli, namely:

  1. Unli data 7 days
  2. Unli data 30 days
  3. Internet data all 2 GB
  4. TNT promo data 50
  5. As well as many other options such as TNT promo data 100


What is GIGA99 TNT?

What is meant by TNT GIGA99 is a data package of 3 GB and sending free and unlimited messages, TNT data promo 50 7 days, usually we will also have free calls to all network operators for free because it is already in the package.

How can I get free unlimited data on TNT?

To be able to get free internet access on TNT we only need a very easy method. It’s just that we need to meet a few conditions. Some of these conditions are:
– Have a TNT Philippines card
– Ensure that there is a credit on the TNT card
– Have a DNS application
– Using a smartphone
– Be patient with the process, because to be able to get free quota we need patience.

What are the promotions of TNT?

Talking about the promos that are on TNT, there are lots of them, one of which is the TNT data roaming promo. Apart from that, there are many others such as GIGA power promos, my surf promos, and many others.

What is My Surf TNT?

Surfsaya TNT is one of the promo packages with the most affordable prices, by using the Surfsaya promo package we can do the internet on social media and can make phone calls and send messages.

That’s some information related to various promos on TNT as well as several ways to register to get affordable promo prices. Good luck!

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