(2023) How to Register and Get to TRACE Taguig City QR Code

During the pandemic and new normal era, life is unpredictable. All resources are necessary for the citizens to get the best life after 2 years of being in a pandemic.

As the condition is getting better, the government is providing the application for the citizens.

In Taguig, the Philippines, the city government provides an application in which their citizens can get the latest news of Covid cases.

It helps many people to get the latest information regarding the issue. However, it also gives you peace of mind as you can get them for your assurance that everything will be just right.

As the pandemic gets better with a lower case of Covid, you can simply choose a platform in which you will get the best services.

TRACE Taguig provides not only Covid information but also some other features that will bring easiness to your life.

What is TRACE Taguig?     

TRACE Taguig is an application that provides much information for users. It informs you how many Covid cases in the city.

You will also know where the area with the highest Covid cases is and the tracing. Here are some features you can get in TRACE Taguig:

  1. Tracing, which is good for providing safety for the users. You can trace where you might get the virus from. By doing tracing, you can also prevent the virus from being dangerous to you and your loved ones.
  2. Vaccination transaction, in which you can get the appointments and certification of your vaccination status. The appointments can be set easily from the app. After you get to find the vaccination site, you will get the certification after being jabbed.
  3. Online assessment for your health condition. TRACE Taguig gov PH is also providing a good online assessment that will help many people to feel easier to know their health condition. Thus, you will find it a good deal.
  4. Payment for taxes is also available in this application. Here, you can simply pay the taxes, hassle-free.

TRACE Taguig is a good app that will help many people in this city more assuredly. Handling the pandemic well, now the application is evolving to provide a better life experience for the residents of Taguig City.

What Are The Requirements to Get a Taguig QR Code?

You can use all its simple features for your need. As you might also need the QR Code, you can register for it simply! The requirement to get a Taguig QR code is just by registering yourself.

You will need to provide your ID and input the information into the app.

After finishing the registration, you will get the Taguig QR code. This way, you can also use the TRACE Taguig vaccine appointment feature.

Who Needs to Register for a Taguig QR Code? 

Using TRACE Taguig is easy and simple for your need. If you want to get the best of it, you will find many benefits and easiness in using the app.

The TRACE Taguig login will be beneficial for everyone who uses it.

People who live and visit Taguig City are encouraged to register for the application. You can trace and find the newest information related to Taguig City Covid status.

All people in Taguig need to have the application so they can trace and get a better insight into the Covid status in the area.

The Taguig government provides many things that are good and useful for the citizens. This way, you can get a good experience living in Taguig City.

Register and Get to TRACE Taguig QR Code      

If you’re a new user and are looking for a way to register and get to the TRACE Taguig QR code, you will also need to know how you can get your booster vaccine.

TRACE Taguig vaccination is also easy to register and get your certification.

Registering for the application is easy.

You will only need less than 15 minutes for getting the steps done. So, you will get many features that will help you in tracing the Covid case in your area.

Here are some things you need to know:

Step 1 

TRACE Taguig Web Portal

If you’re looking for a TRACE Taguig booster vaccine, you can register yourself with the app. Input your name, ID, and other personal information to make it clear what you put there.

Step 2

The Vaccination Schedule

Find the TRACE Taguig vaccine schedule. The application contains much info related to the schedule and sites for booster vaccinations.

Step 3


If you find the schedule and it fits you, then you can choose the schedule. Come to the vaccination center and get jabbed.

Then, you can get your certificate! So, get your Trace Taguig app downloaded now!


How do I find my Taguig QR Code?       

You can find your QR code in the application. There, you can also explore its features of it. Find also many features to make your life easier, like Trace Taguig registration for the vaccine.

How do I register my Trace app in Taguig?        

Open the application. For first-timers, there will be an option to register and log in. So, choose the register button and input your personal data.

How do I create a QR code in Taguig?   

Make sure you input complete valid data for the app. It helps you to find many new features in the TRACE Taguig app.

How do I delete my trace Taguig account?        

If you want to delete the TRACE Taguig account, you can send an email to [email protected]. This TRACE Taguig city online portal is accessible, simple, and helpful.


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