(2023) Traze App: Contact Tracing App for Travel to the Philippines

The Philippines has allowed international travel. Even so, they remain cautious and always try to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

So that this intention goes well and smoothly, Cosmotech Philippines is collaborating with the Philippine Port Authority or PPA to create an application called Traze which can be used to monitor Filipinos and immigrants using planes more easily.

What is Traze App?

Traze is an application that can be used to track contacts in an integrated manner with a national scope or scale in the Philippines that makes tedious manual tracing can be changed to an automatic way by using QR code technology and need to do the Traze app register.

The tracing process that was previously only finished in a few days now only takes a few minutes to do thanks to this application.

Anyone who has had contact with the user, what institutions and companies have been visited, what transportation has been used, and met staff who delivered orders or logistics is recorded.

What is Needed (Requirements) to Get a Traze Account?

Here is what is needed to get the Traze app download and account for travelers or residents.

For Travelers

You need to create an account for Traze. You must complete the form to trace the contact in full before you leave or have just arrived at all airports in the Philippines.

Initially, the application was introduced at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

For Filipinos and Residents

Similar to the implementation of tracking at airports, residents must also have a QR code that needs to be scanned before they enter companies, institutions, or public facilities throughout the region.

You will be notified if there is a possibility that you have come into contact with a positive person so that you can take the necessary steps to prevent further spread.

Where to Download the Traze Contact Tracing Application?

For those of you who need the Traze QR code application on your cellphone to do the Traze app login, then here is the AppStore that you can choose according to your device:

  • Apple users, find it in the App Store
  • Huawei users, find it in the App Gallery
  • Samsung users, find it in the Samsung Galaxy Store
  • Oppo users, find it in the App Market
  • Vivo users, find it on the Vivo App Store
  • Android users who are not listed above can use the APK file download method.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a smartphone and Traze app QR code, you can visit the Malasaki helpdesk available at the airport.

You will be well assisted so that you can get a unique QR code for you to use, they can even help to register it for your family members.

How to Register Traze Contact Tracing

Once you have this application on your phone, you must do the Traze app register online before it can be used:

Step 1

Click the “Start Trazing” button on the front page and fill out the Traze app registration form.

Step 2

Register as an individual, company, Barangay, transport, or delivery crew by clicking on the appropriate icon.

Step 3

For individual users, enter your username, and optionally, you can add your email ID or mobile number.

Step 4

Create a secure password and set a security question

Step 5

Finally, upload a profile photo and tap “send”.

How to Generate a Traze Contact Tracing App QR Code

After successful registration, here is how to use Traze app:

  • Enter the registered user name and password to enter the application.
  • You can see your unique Traze at the top, then there are two “Traze me” buttons as well as a “Traze QR Code” below it to use as a Traze app for travel.
  • Select the “Notifications” menu to check if there is any news about COVID-19 or information about your possibility of coming into contact with a suspected infection.

Where is The Traze App QR Code Used and Works?

The following are some checkpoints that will be fitted with a QR code scanning tool when you enter or exit the airport area, so prepare your QR on the Traze app airport:

  • Airport entrance: This is the route usually used when you go to the terminal at the airport.
  • Check-in counter: There will be a unique Traze code available at each counter. Prospective passengers can scan themselves or be assisted by staff.
  • Immigration counter: Scan the QR code Traze will also be carried out at the immigration section after the international flight type passengers have completed the immigration process.
  • Departure gate: Before you board the plane you need to scan the Traze QR code.
  • Arrival gate: When you arrive at the airport, you also need to scan the Traze QR code.
  • Baggage claim: Traze’s unique QR code will also be attached to the baggage belonging to the passenger, and it must be scanned.
  • Airport transport: For those of you who will use land transportation services in the airport area, then you must also scan the Traze QR code for mutual safety.


Here are the most asked questions:

How do I register Traze with contact tracing?

You have to visit the website and do the necessary step to get the QR code.

Is Traze still required in the Philippines?

Traze is one of the most used tracing applications in the Philippines.

How do I get a Traze QR code?

You can visit the web or ask the authorized staff or go to the helpdesk to help you get the Traze QR code.

How do I register my Traze PH?

Download, install, and register for the new account on the application.


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