(2022) How to Register and Get a QR Code using ValTrace App?

Valenzuela City and their government make an application called ValTrace App, they were giving instructions to every establishment that including in the city to start using the app mentioned since October 2021 as a further step to strengthen the effort of tracing the contact to fight against the rapid COVID-19 infection in their territory.

This needs to be done because we never know where this virus came from. He could have come from outside and not always from our own citizens.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out thorough supervision of using this application.

What is Valtrace App?

ValTrace App is the name of an application or platform to trace the contact of COVID suspects used in Valenzuela city, in Metro Manila.

The goal is to throw away the paper-based forms which can affect the increase of physical contact and also more transmission made by the COVID-19 influence.

The app which is based in Valenzuela implements a quick response known as a QR code. It is a technology that makes contactless tracing around the whole city possible to do.

What does QR function ValTrace App?

Every people, such as transients and visitors, is obliged to register themselves to get their QR code for their own to be able to get into the business facilities or establishments.

What Are The Requirements to Register for Valtrace App?

You can follow the step below for the process:

How to Register To Valtrace App?

You can visit https://valtrace.appcase.net/ through your browser and start to complete your registration on the web like sign in, sign up, log in.

Step 1

Valtrace Portal Website

You can choose the registration as a merchant or you are going to become a citizen. By determining a clear status, between traders or residents, then you will help the government to provide treatment according to its capacity.

You can also make donations that are really needed.

Step 2

Complete Your Information

Please choose the menu of “Citizen sign-up.” for the individual register. You need to fill in your personal data in detail and use valid data, so don’t fill in the wrong data so that your data cannot be traced and cause losses to many people.

Step 3

Agree with Data Terms Statement

Start to fill in the information to the form completely and be clear on the valtrace Valenzuela, and for the verification phase, you have to input your actual and active phone number, please also fill in the purpose of contact tracing before you decide to Submit the form.

To avoid cyber-attack, you can strengthen your cyber security by using a strong password.

Step 4

Your Valtrace is Ready

Accessing the account and viewing the QR code can be done using your browser or by using the application Valtrace download that you have downloaded and installed on your phone.

Step 5

Valtrace QR Code

If all the steps have been completed, you can scan your QR code. You only need to select the Update QR code menu if it turns out that the QR code that you have registered is missing.

How To Use The QR Code Scanner In Valenzuela?

You just have to complete all the steps mentioned above, like filling in the Valtrace registration form to get the QR code, and then you can use the QR code to be scanned before you go anywhere.

How Does The Valtrace App Work?

You can apply the tips that many recommend, namely by printing the QR code and laminating it so that it can last longer and avoid damage, and be clearly seen when scanned by the Valtrace scanner.

You can also take advantage of the browser you have by taking advantage of access credentials that can speed up the process.

The LGU in Valenzuela applies the same rules in several countries, namely if you don’t have a QR code then you don’t have access anywhere.

Then you have to make sure you have it. The ValTrace application allows you to register for pre-vaccination more easily and quickly, so try to register soon.

A Memorandum of understanding or known as MOA has been signed by several cities such as Valenzuela, Pasig, Mandaluyong, and Antipolo, which agreed on the creation of a tool to trace the presence of identical contacts and will strengthen the data collection process, so that it can make many users download in Valtrace Appcase net register and it is enough to have one QR code when they travel to several areas within the city.


Here are the questions that are most asked by the users:

How do I register a QR code?

If you have questions or encounter problems, you can contact the support team formed by Valtrace by visiting the web [email protected] or using the number 8352-1000 loc. 1309/1531 for Technical Support or visit the Valtrace app case net.

How do I get a ValTrace QR code?

Visit the website mentioned above and then start to complete the form with your data.

How do I register for the Valenzuela vaccine?

You can just log in to your ValTrace account and you can visibly see the step to registration for vaccine and get your vaccine. You really have to get a vaccine service so you can get wider access and you can get a greater guarantee of safety than the unvaccinated.

How do I register for ValTrace merchant?

Please choose sign-up and for the general registration, you will lead to register as a merchant because if you are going to become a citizen, then you choose individual registration.

Keep you and your family safe by doing the scan on Valtrace QR. You must put your family first, and of course, you must also put your own safety first. That way you can save a lot of people by obeying the regulations imposed by the government.






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