(2023) Best Online Tools to Translate Waray to Tagalog

If you are looking for the best Waray to Tagalog translator app and online tools, then you have come to the right place. 

Aside from Tagalog, the Philippines region has a lot of languages, different accents, and dialects from different islands and tribes all across the Philippines island.

One of them was the Waray language, spoken by indigenous people of the Eastern Visayas region, or the Region VIII of the Philippines. The Waray language is considered the fifth most spoken language according to the national statistics of the Philippines.

Waray, or what some people would also call as Samar-Leyte Visayan, Lineyte-Samarnon, or many more, is a widely used language in the Eastern Visayas, and is spoken in many regions surrounding it such as Samar island.

Approximately, there are more than 3.6 Million Native Waray speakers to this day. The standard or commonly used dialect is the Waray language used in Tacloban city.

What are The Best Online Tools to Translate Waray to Tagalog

If you are looking to translate Waray to Tagalog words here are a few of the translator Waray to Tagalog examples you can use. 

Google Translate

Google translate is well-known translator software that can be used for more than 50 spoken languages in the world. It is a very common translation tool that you can find on the Google Chrome browser, and it is completely free to use.

It provides necessary raw translations from any language, including Tagalog, and sentences from Cebuano, and Filipino.

At first, it doesn’t have any options to detect or translate the Waray language, but it can automatically detect when you are typing in the Waray language. It will detect it as Filipino, or Cebuano language.

Alternatively, you can choose Google to translate as Waray to Filipino translator, Waray to Tagalog, or Waray to English translation. 


If you search on the website for the Waray to Tagalog translator you might find the Glosbe translator. It is one of the first, and foremost translators that have dedicated translation from Waray to the Tagalog language, as it features as a project created by several people, and any Filipinos can add to the Waray, Tagalog, or any language entries in this translator project. 

You just need to input the Waray language into the input box, and you will learn the meaning of its form on Glosbe’s homepage.

You can learn any language, words, or phrases from Waray more easily now. This translation has many different sources such as Bible translations, wiktionary, as well as individual contributors. 

Corpora Project

According to its official project, the corpora project, also called as 3NS Corpora Project is a virtual database consisting of more than 70 languages all around the world, used to preserve, and save literature, and languages around the world, including all of the indigenous language, and rarely spoken language that many people don’t speak to today.

It can be used to translate, study language, and analyze the structure of a foreign language with ease, and can be used to provide translation and classify texts according to their base comprehension.

The Corpora project is fairly easy to use, as you just need to search for any words, phrases, or sentences you are looking to translate. 


The translation is one of the very used, and popular websites to use as a Waray translator. It is very easy to use and provides an easy up-to-date translation of the Waray to Tagalog.

It is also free to use, meaning all of its features can be used for free, without any restrictions and constraints. It is an online dictionary for the Waray language, and Tagalog to the English language as well. 


Tagalog is one of the most used languages in the Philippines, and it is considered the national language of the Philippines. With more than 6 million active speakers, to this day,

Tagalog has become the national language of the Philippines and is considered the mother tongue of this nation.

Tagalog provides the basic levels, but as the Philippines are a such big country, there are hundreds more different language and dialects.

How often Tagalog be used? It is the mother tongue of the Philippines, therefore it is used as the national language, business language, and formal language of the Philippines. 


To help you translate the Waray language into Tagalog, or if you want to learn more about the Waray language yourself, here are a few of the frequently asked questions about it. 

What is I love you in Waray?

In Waray, I love you can be expressed with “Hinihigugma ko Ikaw” or you can also use phrases such as “Ginhihigugma ko Ikaw” and “Pina-ura ta Ikaw”. Each of them can be expressed differently based on context, region, and dialect. 

What is bye Waray?

To say good bye in Waray, you can say “Pasaylo- ako” or the pasaylo-I daw ak. 

What is the meaning of how do you be you po?

According to the Philippines and Waray culture, Po, or Opo meaning that “yes” but it is used in respectful ways. For example, when you are being called by your parents, you can answer it with Po, or Opo. 

Is Google Translate accurate for Tagalog?

The accuracy of translation when using Google translate to translate Tagalog to English is at least 90% accurate. It is considered pretty accurate when compared with other language translations, such as Korean which only score 82,5%, Chinese at 81,7%, and Farsi language 67,5%.


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